How Modern Healthcare is Being Revolutionized by Social Media [Infographic]


Healthcare industry revolution through the use of social media is unquestionable. It is only fair to say the health industry is changing for the better with the use of technology and especially social media.

Maintaining an internet presence is crucial according to NBC News’ Telemedicine division report which says that as many as 80 percent of all Americans state they use the internet and social media to search for health information.

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The most popular health information topics include these:

  • Diseases
  • Medical issues
  • Treatments and procedures
  • Vitamins and nutrition
  • Diet
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Drugs (prescription and OTC)
  • Health insurance
  • Mental health
  • Alternative care
  • Particular doctors or venues (hospitals, clinics, et al)

This last highlights why healthcare providers feel it is no longer sufficient to just maintain a website online. It is the use of social media, particularly Facebook and Google (which together are the two most popular online destinations), which facilitates a patient to connect with a healthcare facility or doctor’s office via the internet.

It also indicates that, for many people, using social media to search for health and medical information for themselves, a child, a loved one or a family member is one of today’s top uses for the internet itself!

For modern healthcare, the popularity of social media as a source of healthcare and medical information is also a green light to reallocate marketing and advertising budgets accordingly.

The current prediction shows that healthcare companies have plans to spend heavily (to the tune of $1 billion or more over the next half-decade) to connect with individuals seeking the type of healthcare information they can provide.

In this infographic, you can learn more about how social media is drastically improving modern healthcare outcomes. If you are part of the healthcare industry then the tips on this infographic will help you better utilize social media; take for example using engaging images and videos in your social posts.

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Infographic source: Canadian Pharmacy King

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