Grammarly Review: Is It the Best Grammar Checker Tool

Grammarly Review

To err is human,‘ and that’s where the need for grammar checker tool emerges. I have curated this review post to let you know all about Grammarly, claimed to be the best tool to check grammar. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the review post.

About Grammarly

Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checker tool or application that comes in handy at all times. It identifies grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes as you write. Grammarly is available to use over any platform that you work on, whether online, social media, inside other platforms and so much more.

A free proofreading and editing tool, Grammarly is a software that flags mistakes and ensures that your content has the perfect grammar and spellings. But there is so much more to Grammarly than just this. This Grammarly review will answer some of the most common questions about Grammarly's pricing, its features, and whether it is worth the cost.

Grammarly Online Editor

Grammarly has an online editor that stores all your documents. You can access this from any device with an internet connection. You can either start typing within the editor or even import a document.

Grammarly Browser Extension

Grammarly, as an extension, does wonders, especially when you are creating content to post on social media and essential emails. With Grammarly extension, you can get direct assistance and recommendations. It also checks your comments, blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.

Grammarly On Your Mobile

If you also tend to write on your phone and need a spell checker, then Grammarly has your back. The Grammarly keyboard for iOS and Android lets you type seamlessly on your phone error-free anytime and any day.

Grammarly For Desktop

If you always have a lot of documents that you want to check quickly, then the Grammarly desktop app is for you. You can either import your documents to the Grammarly editor or even drag and drop them onto the Grammarly icon located on your desktop and get a check done quickly.

Grammarly features and benefits

Real-time grammar corrections

As and when you type in the Grammarly editor or import your documents, Grammarly shows you errors and flags as they appear and save you a lot of time.

Highly accurate

Grammarly has a high rate of accuracy. However, there could be instances when the editor might not understand the context of your text, but it is entirely accurate.

Simple to understand explanations

Grammarly goes a step ahead and explains the error. This helps in improving your text as well as enhances your knowledge of grammar.


Grammarly also lets you add words to your dictionary, and enables you to select the kind of audience you are creating the content for. If you are writing for a 'knowledgeable' audience, Grammarly is careful to let you use a few technical words as compared to if you were to write for a 'general' audience.

Difference between free and premium version

To help you clearly understand the difference between the two versions, here is a quick listing of the features accessible in Grammarly Free vs. Premium.

Grammarly Cards[Included in free]

Apart from flagging wherein it identifies errors, Grammarly also gives comprehensive explanations of Grammatical rules and tips to help you avoid these mistakes in the future.

Reporting[Included in free]

You can receive a detailed report on the accuracy of grammar utilization, spelling, plagiarism, and vocabulary. This is highly beneficial and aims at improving your language skills over time.

Language preferences[Included in free]

Grammarly lets you easily switch between American, British, Canadian, and Australian English dialects. You can change your language preference from your profile settings in the navigation bar.

Vocabulary Enhancement[Premium only]

Grammarly helps improve your vocabulary and write clearly by suggesting content-optimized alternatives. It also lets you know synonyms and overused repetitive words that, at times, make the text quite bland.


If you want to get rid of embarrassing typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and wish to improve your writing by making it more transparent, engaging, and concise, then Grammarly is the tool for you. The free version of Grammarly is quite useful if you are on a tight budget.
However, Grammarly Premium will help detect more spelling and grammar issues as well as let you perform a plagiarism check on your document. You will also receive tips on how to improve your writing style and receive instant feedback. Get it now.

What are you waiting for?

If you wish to maintain proficiency and professionalism in your content, then Grammarly Premium is worth it.
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