Google Shopping Ads

Would you like to reinvent your website by launching a Google shopping ad campaign and driving lots of new customers and clients to your website?

Do you want to sell more products or services this year and take your operation to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place today.

The information on this page is for advanced internet marketers and business owners who want to ensure they get the best results from their online promotional efforts.

Google shopping ads are some of the best tools for putting your items in front of the right audience and increasing conversion rates.

Don’t worry if you’re new to using this facility because there is a wealth of information available online for beginners. However, the ten tips on this page will show you how to drive lots of traffic and get the best outcomes from your campaigns.

Follow some of the suggestions from this article, and you should entirely reinvent your website for the better.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Google can essentially become an advertising platform for your brand when you use shopping ads. You can put your items in front of ready-to-buy consumers who’ve already searched for a product of that nature using the search engine. That should mean that your conversion rates sore, and you point lots of potential customers in the direction of your website. Google Shopping is optimized for conversion based on factors known to engage online shoppers with a product. They include:

  • The product image or graphic
  • The price of the item
  • Any discounts or deals
  • The number of reviews and rating
  • The location of the company selling the item

If you take the time to optimize your site or use text ads, it’s possible that both your shopping ads and your domain will appear together within relevant search results. That will increase the chance of building your click-through traffic and bringing more customers to your brand.

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Ways to Reinvent your Website and Secure More Sales using Google Shopping Ads

1 – Set up your Google Shopping Ads Campaign

There are guides online that give you a step-by-step rundown of how to create and launch your first Google Shopping ad campaign. Use those articles to ensure you leave no stone unturned and get all the basics in place.

You can then continue through each step of this process to ensure you achieve the best possible results from your efforts. The entire set up stage should only take an hour or two, but you can do it much faster than that with experience.

2 – Use Striking Images that are going to Catch the Eye of the Consumer

You need to make sure that all the products you promote use striking imagery and graphics. People will search within Google’s platforms for products they want to purchase.

Your ad will then appear in the results listings, and you need to make sure that it stands out from the crowd.

So, be sure to invest in professional product photographs for the best outcomes. There are lots of specialists who focus their efforts on that niche, and so you just need to contact someone with an excellent track record.

3 – Conduct some Price Research and Attempt to Undercut your Competitors

You’ll always struggle to encourage consumers to click your ads if there is a similar product on the page available for a fraction of the cost. That is why it’s essential that you conduct some market research and learn more about the prices your competitors offer.

While starting a price war with an established brand is never a wise move, you also need to watch out for click fraud according to Click Forensics & Anchor Intelligence 17-29% of clicks on paid ads are fraudulent, you need to compete or undercut them slightly if you want to secure sales.

4 – Edit Product Titles to Target Keywords

Research shows that adding keywords to your product titles is an effective strategy for ensuring they always appear in the correct search results.

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There is lots of information online that goes into extreme detail about this process, and you can check out SearchEngineLand if you want to learn more about the ins and outs.

However, most advanced internet marketers and business owners are all too aware of the methods they need to use to identify the best SEO keywords these days.

5 – Edit Product Titles to Improve Click-through Rate

For the best results and the highest possible click-through rate, it’s vital that you keep your product titles shorter than fifty characters in most instances.

While that means you don’t have a lot of space, it should also result in the entire title appearing on the screen, regardless of the device the consumer might use.

Of course, if you select a short product title, you might have room to include a short description or plug.

6 – Optimise your Website using the Same Keywords and Phrases you Target with your Shopping Ads

As mentioned earlier, it’s possible that your shopping ads and website could appear next to each other within relevant search results.

You can increase the chances of that happening by using the same keywords to optimize both your website and the shopping ads in your campaign.

7 – Create Ad Groups and Product Groups

Try to create ad groups and product groups as much as possible because that will give you a better insight into product and keyword performance. Creating a new ad group will enable you to manage negative keywords separately from the rest of the campaign. It will also mean you can manage bids individually and make a logical separation for ROI calculations.

8 – Use a Simple and Straightforward Landing Page

According to the experts, around 34% of clicks on Google Shopping Ads will result in the consumer buying the item they wanted. That means about 66% of shoppers went on to purchase something different. Using a straightforward landing page in a quick-shop theme will help you to display lots of similar items and thus encourage people to make impulse buys.

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9 – Continually Assess your Results and make Improvements

Google Shopping Ads offer analytics you can use to improve your campaigns and ensure you always have enough information to refine your approach. Be sure to take a look at your results every few days and then use them to work out the best alterations for low bids and more conversions.

10 – Segment your Google Shopping Feed by Product ID

Segmenting your Google Shopping Ad marketing campaign will help you to view, optimize, and gain an actionable insight into the results you produce. When you segment by product ID; you can assess the performance of individual items that might not sell as well as others. You can then use the data to make improvements to your approach.

If you use the advice and suggestions from this page; you could get much better results from your Google Shopping Ads. That should help you to reinvent your website and drive lots of new and relevant traffic in your direction. All marketers need to use Google Shopping Ads for their clients these days, and even small business owners could benefit from investing in the platform.

When all’s said and done, Google is still the world’s most widely-used search engine with over 40,000 searches every single second. There are around 3.5 billion searches per day, and so you need to start taking advantage of the situation.

Put the tips on this page to good use and begin to beat the competition when it comes to using Google Shopping Ads to sell your products this year.

Failure to take heed could mean you never manage to steal the lion’s share of the market, and your website never receives the level of traffic you desire.

Good luck!

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