10 Practical Freelancing Tips for Beginners[Must Read]

10 Practical Freelancing Tips for Beginners

I started my freelancing journey when I was in college. Since then, I learned a lot, and today, I am going to share 10 practical freelancing tips that I learned the hard way.

I will cover all the necessary tools and essential things that you must prepare before starting your part-time or full-time freelancing profession.

10 Practical Freelancing Tips

Top 10 Practical Freelancing Tips.

  1. Be ready with a computer or laptop.
  2. Have non-interrupted Internet access.
  3. Improve your communication skills.
  4. Learn about the highest paying freelancing job.
  5. Finalize your skills and build your services around it. 
  6. Register on various freelancing platforms and go through the guidelines.
  7. Build your profile and portfolio.
  8. Stay away from fraudulent employers or vague freelancing projects.
  9. Know everything about the payment methods.
  10. Understand the legal Agreement.

Be ready with a computer or laptop.

Freelancing is all about working online. That’s why it’s crucial to have a computer or laptop ready. These days almost everyone has one of these systems. However, if you are the one who is not yet having it, it’s time to invest in it. You may find various EMIs option on online shopping sites like Amazon.

Have non-interrupted Internet access.

Once you are all set with the above-mentioned gadget, it’s time to figure out the best internet access to start freelancing. If you are in India, Jio is the affordable and best option to get started with. However, if you can afford there is nothing better than to have a WIFI connection.

Improve your communication skills.

Communication skill is something that you can work side by side. You will excel by practicing. However, you must know the basics of communication skills. I have written a separate post on how to improve communication skill. You can have a look at that.

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Learn about the highest paying freelancing job.

I have written a separate post on the highest paying freelancing job. However, why is it necessary to go through it? Because there are specific jobs that companies need for the short term or which they need from an expert in that domain.

Like building a website for small business is a one-time thing, that’s why the owner or the startup hire freelancers to do the job for them. It’s a practical approach.

Like web-development, there are many tech and non-tech freelancing job opportunities. You can have a look at all of those here.

Finalize your skills and build your services around it. 

After going through the freelance job opportunities, jot down all your skills, and finalize your services. Suppose you are good at writing content, pick content writing. If you are good at designing, there are lots of opportunities out there to design banners, social media posts, flyers, and more.

I would like to add one more thing, no matter what you are good at, become excellent in that. There are lots of competition, and you can win only when you can beat them with your excellence. However, there is one more bitter truth about freelancing. You will find a lot of cheap or low paying jobs. I would recommend you to stay away from that. Don’t focus on getting the various low-budget projects because even if you get one quality project, you will be able to pay your bills.

Register on various freelancing platforms and go through the guidelines.

Once you finalize your skills and services, it’s time to register yourself on freelancing sites. Please read 20 Best Freelancing Websites to get a list of all those sites. However, I would suggest picking one or two platforms only. Otherwise, you will get lost in the building and managing your profile on all those freelancing platforms.

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If you have just getting started, register on freelancer.com would be a better option. If you don’t like bidding on multiple projects, you can go for Fiverr.com. You just need to build your stunning profile and upload the sample and the employer will find you. However, if you want high-ticket project Upwork.com is the best choice.

No matter which freelancing platform you pick, just stay consistent, and give your 100%.

Build your profile and portfolio.

Don’t keep your freelancing profile blank. Always, add all the necessary fields like about you, your skills, and never forget to upload your own picture.

Have a look at this profile from freelancer.com

Also have your pitch ready like if you are going to bid on content writing projects, write down a proposal so that it can be easy for you to copy-paste and edit according to the project requirement.

Have a look at this proposal from freelancer.com

Freelance content writing proposal

You can save your proposal or cover letter in .txt or docx format.

Stay away from fraudulent employers or vague freelancing projects.

I have a ton of messages of the fraud employer who were doing a full-time job to misguide freshers on the freelancing platform.

Let me share some of the screenshots:

Freelancing tip: Fake freelancing project

Let me show you another example:

Freelancing tip: Fake freelancing project

I received 100s of such fake project requests. Initially, I wasn’t able to distinguish; however, after getting cheated many times, I get a clear understanding. I hope this freelancing tips will help you stay away from such projects and save time.

Know everything about the payment methods.

You should always follow the standard guidelines of the freelancing platform you are using to get the projects. Like most of them have a standard policy which helps both employer and freelancers.

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However, if you are communicating with the employer directly then you should know the ins and out of PayPal. And you can use PayPal.Me to create your very own personalized link to get paid. Send a link to your client and tell them to pay using PayPal.Me. Once they’ve spent the agreed amount, your PayPal account gets credited. 

Now that you know how to get paid, you must learn about the legal contract.

Understand the legal Agreement.

There are times when the client doesn’t want to give you any credit. Like if you are interested in writing books for clients, they often ask you to sign non-disclosure agreements.

An NDA is a contract that legally binds freelancers and clients. An example of a provision allowing a freelancer not only to take all appropriate care to secure sensitive information but also not to copy or reverse engineer that information is this sort of requirement made from an NDA provided by Elance.

I hope you find these freelancing tips useful, let’s meet in the next series of post about freelancing.

Thanks for giving it a read and if you like this post, do share it with your connections.

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