20 Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs

Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs

According to the Freelance Industry Report compiled primarily about North America freelancing, nearly half of freelancers do writing work, with 18% of freelancers listing writing as a primary skill, 10% editing/copy-editing, and 10% as copy-writing. 20% of freelancers listed their primary skills as design. Next on the list was translating (8%), web development (5.5%), and marketing (4%).

This definitely gives you a larger picture of how people are moving towards freelance jobs now. If you want to make that shift too, it’s imperative to select the ones which would fall into your niche and pay you the most as well.

So, to help you out in choosing the right and the highest paying jobs, we’re here with a list of ‘Top 20 highest paying freelancing jobs’. Whether you’re diving into it for full time or simply want to earn some extra income, it’s vital for you to enjoy your job, making a good amount of money.

Legal Services Expert

If you have experience with a well-known firm, you can do it all by yourself. Moreover, people are constantly on a search, seeking expert services when it comes to corporate, property, criminal, and family law.

It takes creativity to research and come up with elements that could differentiate a business or a startup and make it stand out in the market. Thus, it takes plenty of hard work and dedication to making it actually happen for your company. Entrepreneurs are looking for just those having bounds of knowledge on their side.

The average salary ranges from $70 – $120 (£49 – £85).

Web Developer

If you have hands-on experience in building and coding websites, then you can go ahead and make it your business. Your expertise will be of the utmost importance when dealing with clients who wish to have their own webpage. There are many out there, seeking to have one. However, they lack the skills or do not have time to figure that out. Thus, you can jump into your ‘coding suit’ and serve the purpose.

The average salary is $60 (£42) per hour.

Internet Security Specialist

Internet security skills are much needed now, owing to the rise of unethical hacking on the web. There have been several cases of hackers targeting big businesses and startups. Here, if you can provide them with internet protection, you’ll certainly end up making a lot of money.

The average salary is $50 (£35) per hour.

SEO Specialist

In this competitive world, businesses are looking forward to attracting their audiences by ranking higher on Google and other search engines. Here’s where your role as an SEO specialist would hold water. Moreover, SEO specialists are in high demand now as businesses are focussing on getting the best out of their web content.

The average salary is $50 (£35) per hour.



Don’t confuse copywriters with content marketers and writers. This freelancing job is different, specializing in writing content for website pages and giving away descriptions for products and services. However, the charge rates will greatly depend on an individual’s level of experience and skill set.

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The average salary is $47 (£33) per hour.

Voice Artist

For those having a distinct voice and having an ability to modulate it, can engage themselves as a voice artist. You can then be involved in TV shows, radio productions, adverts, retail stores, or tech companies. Moreover, we’re now shifting towards video advertising, thus creating more demand for voice actors or artists.

The average salary ranges from $46 – $52 (£32 – £36) per hour.


Don’t be in a dilemma after making it to the top 20 list if you’re an experienced recruiter. As an experienced recruiter, you’ll have the responsibility of hiring the best possible employees for your company.

If you’re seeking to span off into a one-man band, go ahead with that idea! You’ll certainly have contacts in your specialized niche and will be able to work flexibly. However, it’s important to have some sort of training as a recruiter. Mostly, freelancers who recruit for advertising, technology, marketing, and accounting companies are paid the most.

The average salary is $46 (£32) per hour.


Yes, teaching is not just restricted to school. If you have the right skill set and the ability to communicate and reciprocate your thoughts well, you can become a private tutor. Thus, giving students additional lessons and assignments after school. All you need is the correct qualifications for your chosen subject.

The average salary is $41 (£29) per hour.


You can take up this freelance job if you’re fluent in two or more languages. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for self-employed positions, provided you have the correct certification for your country.

Make sure that your grammar is on point, having a thorough knowledge of different writing styles in your native language. In addition to that, as a freelance translator, you should also be a very good writer.

The average salary is $31 (£22) per hour.

Game Developer

There are many developers seeking to attain the skill. At the same time, many businesses are waiting to offer these skills to someone as well. If you’re a videogame fanatic and better at building one too, you can go ahead and fill the gap.

Build your portfolio by including the progress of all the games that you’ve made. If you have none on your list, you need to start with one. As a freelance game developer, you should not miss an opportunity in letting your clients know what you can do.

The average salary is $31 (£22) per hour.

Social Media Coordinator

We know that social media has greatly impacted our lives. People aren’t the only ones getting influenced by social media though. Businesses and companies have used social media marketing to its core, expanding its reach, and creating brand awareness.

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Thus, this niche has a scope and many businesses are searching for qualified hands to take over their social media outlets. What more do you need when you can use the latest technologies at your disposal and make a decent income out of it?

The average salary is $25 (£17) per hour.

Content Writer

If you’re an experienced writer, having skills in writing SEO-friendly articles and blog posts, then this freelance job is what you need. A number of freelance jobs are requesting writers to offer their services. Remember that ‘content is the king’, and the process of making it a king is in your hands. So, start grabbing opportunities, waiting for you to market your services.

The average salary is $25 (£17) per hour.


Graphic Designer

Graphic design was always an area of expertise and will continue to be so. The demand for these services is ever rising and if you have an upper hand over design, this is the most profitable niche for you. This also supports a large spectrum from designing webpages, infographics to developing designs for print.

The average salary is $23 (£16) per hour.


Are you into creating amazing logo designs, sketches, or graphics? If you are, then you can use this experience and skillset in becoming a self-employed illustrator. As we’re growing into this digital world, brands have also started understanding the importance of custom illustration as it’s now slowly expanding into product design.

You can start your career with a small project, charging a minimal fee. Then as you progress, you can go ahead by charging up to $250 per illustration.

A survey did help to give you a range of the average income illustrators earn. According to which, the average income of the best illustrators in New York is about $100,000 per year, however, there are many too making lower than $1000 per year. Thus, an illustrator’s income is variable depending on the projects you work on and your expertise.

The average salary is $21 (£15) per hour.


If you’re gifted with great listening skills along with typing expertise, then you can surely consider this freelance job for making some extra cash. Sometimes, it’s difficult to catch up with recording without the use of professional transcribing software. This is where you as a transcriptionist will play a major role. As an experienced transcriber, you can also insert the appropriate grammar for your clients during the course of typing.

Your set of tasks will include transcribing audio files into any type of field. So, get up and start grabbing opportunities, especially students who would earn a decent income in this field.

The average salary is $20 (£14) per hour.

3D Modeller

Are you trained in 3D modeling and want to be your own boss in that field? Well, you can certainly be your own boss in this niche as 3D modeling is an in-demand skill in a variety of different industries such as video games, virtual reality, marketing, 3D printing, TV and motion pictures, computer-aided design, scientific and medical imaging, etc.

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The average salary ranges from $18 – $20 (£12 – £14) per hour.

Marketing Consultant

It’s a golden opportunity for you if you’re involved in email campaigns, social media marketing, or content marketing. Once you establish a name in your niche and work towards building a strong portfolio, you’ll be more likely to get projects on your dashboard.

Companies are always on a hunt for the one who would analyze its existing model considering the market potential and develop a strategy to achieve larger business goals. Businesses need marketing consultants to help them set well-defined goals and monitor key metrics to measure success. So, showcase your past experiences and work to grab a compelling position as a marketing consultant.

The average salary ranges from $13 – $25 (£9 – £18) per hour.

PR Consultant

Plenty of PR specialists are self-employed, working on various campaigns and projects. However, you first need to develop a strong online portfolio showcasing your previous work and skills, which would be beneficial for your future tasks.

Your tasks will vary in different roles and may include writing, press releases, public speaking, organizing events, developing promotional strategies, etc. Companies need a PR consultant to handle the public image of their business and to make the public aware of news related to the company or a product. If a new product is developed by a company, then you’re required to create public interest and generate acceptance of the product.

The average salary ranges from $13 – $22 (£9 – £15) per hour.

Administration Support Officer

Some companies actually don’t mind from where their administration support is coming from, as long as their job is done right. However, you would of course need previous experience in an office position depicting that you can very well manage your duties.

The average salary ranges from $11 – $13 (£7 – £9) per hour.

Customer Service Support Officer

Freelance jobs in customer service are not that easy to find as compared to others in this list. But mind you, the opportunities are plenty. You need to be a good communicator to be hired in big companies and work in the comfort of your home.

The average salary ranges from $8 – $12 (£5 – £8) per hour.


Companies are always looking to outsource freelancers and work with them to meet their business goals. There’s a scope to make a decent income and plenty of opportunities are out there as well. All you need to do is build yourself a strong portfolio, work on your skillset, and keep learning from your past experiences. There you are! Good to go in your freelancing journey!

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