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If you are ever looking for a way to spice up your resume or wanting to make it look less boring then consider a visual CV. The benefits are numerous – you will make an impression on your potential employer, they might even thank you later for saving them some time.

Imagine how long it takes for someone to read through a traditional resume, maybe 10 to 15 minutes depending on the industry and how detailed the resume is. Now a visual resume is easy on the eye and mind. It can be consumed in mere seconds. We all live in a fast-paced world and this is one way to save people time and make an impression.

If you are looking for a free infographic resume you are in the right place. Furthermore, you don’t need to be a designer or have great design skills.

Of course, we are going to use a free online tool to create our infographic CV for this. There are quite a few tools that can do the job, but I chose Visme as it is easy to use, free of cost and has built-in resume templates which make life easier and saves time. Alternatively, you can pay a designer to do the same job but see how easy it is to do this on your own.

Here is an example infographic resume I created with Visme.

I used a paid template as I was doing other projects within Visme.

free infographic resume

A Word of Caution

An infographic resume is not for everyone or every industry. There are cases where it can give you the edge but it can be a double-edged sword, so wield it carefully. There are definitely some big disadvantages of using a visual resume to a traditional text-based one; a visual resume is harder to maintain and modify.

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Step 1: Go to Visme.co, Create New Account and Login

This step is self-explanatory. Go to Visme.co and click on Get Started.

Step 2: Create New Project and Select Infographic

creating free infographic resume

With Visme, you can create presentations, banner ads and infographics.

Click on New Project and select Infographic.

Step 3: Select a Resume or CV Template You Like

free infographic resume how to design one

There is one resume template with the free Visme account and there are much more with a paid account. Visme uses a monthly fee if you are interested and plans start from US $7. You can cancel the plan at any time.

Step 4: Add Your Details

This is where you can customize how your infographic resume will look. Background colors, layouts, fonts, text and images are some of the things you can change. There are many objects you can drag, drop to make your resume unique and stand out; for example, you can use icons from the library.

Some Tips for Your Infographic Resume:

  • Make sure you break down your experience and education
  • Include images and logos where possible
  • Leave enough white space
  • Don’t go overboard with text
  • Connect at least one social media profile like LinkedIn
  • Keep your resume short and sharp
  • Focus on what the viewer will want from the resume

Step 5: Save or Export the Desired File Format (PDF or JPEG etc.)

Once you are satisfied with how your visual resume looks – Save it. Don’t worry Visme also auto-saves your work. It’s a good idea to export your image in more than one file format. I suggest a PDF and a JPEG file, although the free account only allows a JPEG.

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Click on Publish then Download to save a JPEG of your infographic resume.

Wrapping it up

An infographic resume is not for every job or industry.

For a creative role, an infographic resume might be a perfect fit depending on the industry. For example, if you are in the online business, an infographic curriculum vitae (CV) might be a perfect fit.

On the other hand, for someone in a profession like a doctor, lawyer or an engineer you might have to tread carefully or people might think you are a fool.

Here is a handy guide on how to create an infographic from research, creation, marketing and link building.

Note: I am NOT affiliated to Visme in any way and this is an unbiased look

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