First Note

Today, I am going to start a new journey with Blogging FilterI thought to inaugurate this blog with a quick note to make the journey a memorable one.

This is a blog where I will share freshly brewed bloggingfreelancingdigital marketing & online or small business tips with you.

I started my professional content writing journey in 2017 as a freelance creative writer. I have written thousands of blog-post & web-content for various clients. I also have ghost-written many E-books for clients.

Apart from that, I have experienced in developing websites, chatbots, and other software-related stuff. I have worked in an MNC; later, I quit my job to start my own venture.

And now, its time to share the gathered knowledge & experience with all of you.

Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality~Dalai Lama.

Apart from content, I have got huge experience in web development, chatbot development & digital marketing. Now, let’s see how the journey with this blog will go on.

I hope to connect & learn with lots of aspiring & passionate bloggers.

After all, learning is a lifelong process!



First Published on February 21, 2020, 10:06 am

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Sally Ng

Sally Ng

I spend most of my time in Bali. Here, you will learn the basics of blogging and how to earn money living freely. Your escape from 9 to 5 work truly.

I created this blog, or you can say a community of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who is striving to find their professional identity in this crisis. I believe in sharing, and thus, I am sharing my knowledge on how to start, scale, and monetize a blog or an online business. If you want to start your blog, website, or an online business, become part of this growing community of 1000+ bloggers and entrepreneurs.


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