Find Your Target Market on Social Media

You cannot seek your audience until you have identified them. What age group do you want to reach? What do they earn? Do they have specific values? You need these and other answers to get a clear and crisp picture of who your perfect customer is.

Once you have determined this, it’s time to choose a platform. Are you sure you are investing in the correct channel? There is also the risk that you are choosing the right channel but posting in the wrong place or at the wrong time. Then you need to consider if you are even creating the right content to attract your target audience? Using social media for marketing is a bit of a minefield, but this article will help you to work it all out a little more clearly.


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Facebook is the best place to reach people aged 18-49, research shows that those born between 1960 and 1970 spend around 7 hours a week browsing on Facebook. It is also a great place to reach Millennials. This platform has a total of 1.9 billion unique monthly users.

Now, if you’re opting for Facebook to reach your target market, there are a few things you should consider. There are 3 times of the day that Facebook experiences the biggest spikes; 11am, 3pm and 8pm. The overall weekday biggest spike is Wednesday at 3pm; however, posts that are published in the morning tend to perform the best for receiving interaction.

Going in even more detail, the top of the hour (between: 00 and: 15) usually gets more interaction than the other parts of the hour.

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You will generally reach out to people aged between 18 and 29 on twitter and 53% of them will only use for browsing and never post any updates themselves. The majority of twitter users are male and a total of 317 million unique monthly users use the platform.

The most popular time to tweet is between noon and 1pm and the fewest tweets are posted between 3pm and 4pm. Although the most popular time may be the busiest time that people use twitter, it may be more difficult for your tweet to be seen during this time. If you are looking for retweets, the peak times that people do this are between 2pm and 10pm.

Being a quick platform to receive information from, twitter users are likely to browse while at work or school, on short lunches or breaks, meaning that you generally have an open window all day. Just be sure to keep your posts short and sweet, time deprived people are the ones most likely to use Twitter to get their information.


The majority of Instagram users are age 35 and under and 53% of the users follow brands, which is great news for you and your business. Instagram gets 600 million unique monthly users and they are predominantly female.

There is a range of ways to make your posts stand out on Instagram, according to research, the Mayfair filter brings in the most interactions on photos. Between 7pm and 9pm is said to be the best time to post and trying to schedule in your posts for off-work hours usually works best  (lunch hour and evenings). Most people use Instagram on weekdays rather than weekends, so save your important posts for Monday-Friday.

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You can find out how you are doing on Instagram by running an account check-up.Instagram’s latest Algorithm completely changed the game, it replaced the chronological feed with an algorithm that places the posts with the most interactions at the top, which is a great incentive for you to gain as many followers as possible!

Other platforms

There are plenty of other social media platforms for you to consider. Although Snapchat is used by a majority of younger users, don’t rule out using it for marketing and guest posting. It is a continually growing trend that is fast paced and constantly evolving.

Linked-In is a great place to find your business men and CEO’s, it is where you can find the majority of users aged between 35 and 54. The top 5 industries of Linked-In users are operations, entrepreneurship, sales, education and healthcare services.

There is also YouTube, WhatsApp, Google+, Pinterest, Myspace, Vine, Flickr and many others. Use the correct social media wisely and be sure to listen and engage with your target audience for the best results.

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