How to Find Trending Topics for Blog?

Do you want to find the trending topics for your blog post? No matter what your niche is, getting ideas for trending topics is quite challenging.

As a blogger, you would never like to post something that no one read.

That’s why I have curated this post, to put an end to this problem.

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11 Ultimate Ways to Find Trending Topics for Blog

Search Google

Today while writing this post ‘How to Find Trending Topics for Blog?‘, I was a bit confused with the title & that’s why I googled it.

How to Find Trending Topics for Blog

In the above image, you can see that there are various search results.

What are these search results?

These are related searches that users on Google perform to find the answer to a particular problem.

This approach will help you to stay trending & up to date.

You can also try Google trends, to find the trends of a particular topic on the internet. You can select your country to know what’s trending in your country.

SEMRush Topic Search Tool

SEMRush Topic Search is a great tool that can help you to find the trending topic for your blog.

How to find blog post ideas with SEMRush topic Search tool?

  • Go to the Topic Research tool
  • Enter the keyword for which you want to find the topics/title suggestions.
  • Get enormous Topic/Titles.

You will also find various questions that people are searching for to stay relevant to what is in demand.


You can use Reddit to find hot & trending topics for your blog-post. It is one of the most popular site on the internet. You can easily find the topic by juts typing your niche/topic in the search bar. You will get suggestions for a few related subreddits. Subreddits on Reddit are categories/community designed for a particular topic.

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When it comes to finding the trending topics, Quora is an ultimate platform to get inspired with. You will find hundreds of ideas floating around.

You need to put your seed keyword in the search bar and you will find various related questions that people are asking on quora. It’s a great way to understand the user’s actual problem & requirements.

Do let me know how do you find the inspiration & topics for your upcoming blog-post? I will add the same to this post to help fellow bloggers.

YouTube Trends

After Google, the second largest search engine in the US is YouTube. Thus, it offers an incredible amount of trending content for bloggers wanting to seek the same. The good thing about YouTube is that the platform will help you find trending topics within specific areas such as news, movies, music, gaming, and fashion. Thus, giving you specific results in the trending feed.


Pinterest has content which is often inspiring and encouraging. Bloggers can take just that from Pinterest. Though there are certain niches benefiting more from Pinterest, you can always find something useful out of it as the company shares monthly trending reports for advertisers.


You probably might have heard about Buzzfeed. It mainly focuses on social news and entertainment, covering all that you need in sections ranging from ‘Style’ to ‘Books’. Moreover, the trending section of BuzzFeed showcases the most popular posts. Thus, you can use these topics to get your audience to talk.


BuzzSumo is an incredible resource providing you with hot topics and key influencers. All you have to do is just enter a topic, keyword, or domain in the search bar and perform a search. Following which your results will be filtered by the number of total shares across several social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more.

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social is basically a system having some amazing features such as analytics, collaboration, CRM, helpdesk, engagement, publishing, monitoring, etc. It’s designed for social media management and requires a paid subscription. However, once you access it, it’ll make your work easy by handling key tasks such as real-time brand monitoring, scheduling, and drafting, publishing, comprehensive reporting, and analytics.


Radian6 will help you to get insights into demographics, trends, sentiment, intent, and much more. It’s a great enterprise-grade tool to keep a tap on the trending topics, allowing you to listen, engage, and monitor your brand. It is now a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Leading Publication in your Niche

This is a little tedious, critical, and roundabout way of finding the trending topics, but it does the job effectively. First, think about your audience and the content they would like to consume. Create a particular ‘content space’ and search for trending topics in your content space in the leading publication of your market. You’ll certainly be enlightened by much more than what you’re searching for.

So, these were 11 tools to help you come up with brain-storming trending ideas for your blog. However, keep in mind that your blog shouldn’t just cater to topics that are trending. Take your audience into account and research accordingly to get the best results. But, if both go hand in hand, the results will certainly be exciting with these tools.

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