Elementor Pro Review: Is It the #1 Page Builder??

Haven’t tried Elemnetor pro yet? Do you want to know whether it’s #1 page builder? Read this Elementor Pro Review to know all about Elementor.

Page builders were supposed to help without the need to hire expensive developers. However, most of them are clunky, hard to use, have messy codes, and will negatively affect your site performance.

But, Elementor Pro put an end to all the web-designing hustle.

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Elementor Pro is one of the best WordPress page builders that you must try. It’s intuitive, rich in features, easy to use, and doesn’t slow down my website – everything you could have asked for.

In this review post, you will find a closer look at this incredible page builder, i.e., Elementor Pro, and learn how to use it.

About Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a commercial WordPress plugin that can be used to add a drag-and-drop page builder to your website. No matter which theme you’re using As well as themes, you can design your website like a pro.

It’s possible to use Elementor to customize the header, footer, and other areas of your website.

You’re now no longer limited to creating a custom post and page designs with this plugin.

Although Elementor Pro is a new plugin, the free version has been available since June 2016. This has given the Elementor team plenty of time to test and perfect its basic functionality.

Interesting Elementor Pro also has a free version plugin known as Elementor. Let us see what Elementor is:

What Is Elementor?

Elementor is an open-source page builder plugin for WordPress. A page builder plugin allows you to create pages and layouts with unique designs on your WordPress blog or website. And Elementor is merely excellent at that job.

You can use this plugin free of cost on your website or blog for as long as you like.

The main advantage of using this page builder is that you don’t need specific knowledge to design a page. Everything is done in a frontend user interface.

Now, you must be wondering when Elementor is free, then why should you go for Elementor Pro? To answer, let us have a look at both of them and compare their functionality.

Elementor Vs. Elementor Pro


As mentioned above, Elementor is a free version of the Elementor pro that you can easily download from WordPress.org. Don’t think that it lacks features because it is free. It also has some well-developed features that can efficiently create a functional website. Let’s jump and look at the features that the free version can offer you:


The free version of the Elementor comes with lots of widgets. You can drag and drop to design the page you want.

There are more than 25 Elementor widgets that come with the free version of the plugin.

 Template Library

The free version of Elementor comes with a pretty good template library that you can use to build web pages easily. The library comprises 100+ free elements or templates and content blocks, which you can add to the page by selecting from the group.

Responsive Editing

This feature allows you to switch to the mobile or tablet view mode and edit the page accordingly. With this feature, you can make fully functional websites and pages so that your users can access your site from any device they want.

Background Options

The free plugin offers you to customize the background of the page extensively. You can change the background of the page or post to an impressive gradient style. You can also add a video on the background of the sections and make them come alive.

Elementor Pro

If you mostly rely on pre-designed templates, then it is the best choice for you.

With the Pro version of Elementor, you can design all your website pages, whether it’s a product page with an intriguing design element or buying option. It also includes some unique features like visual form design, flexible posts, portfolio widgets, custom CSS, global widget, extra element (like pricing table, slides), pop up with a whole lot of setting to control it.

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It is for anyone who wants to make their website look super neat and professional. The best part is you don’t need to have any technical background.

Elementor Pro is an addition to the free Elementor plugin.

Elementor comes with various template library, but most of the templates are locked in the free version.

You can unlock them using Elementor Pro.

With Elementor Pro, you can use every single page template and block in the library. It also empowers you with comprehensive professional tools that speed up your workflow and design.

Now brief description on pro features:

Professional Page Templates and Blocks

The Elementor has loads of Pre-designed templates and blocks which you can use to design pages faster. In addition to those templates, Elementor Pro offers more professionally designed templates and blocks. If you rely totally on pre-designed templates, then Elementor Pro is the choice for you.

Form Builder

Every website needs a contact form and many other forms for that matter. The builder’s Pro pack comes with a very fantastic form builder that you can use to create forms on your website very fast. The reason this single widget holds such a lot of importance is that it is entirely visual!

Global Settings

Global widgets come handy when you are planning on showing the same device in multiple places on the website. This feature makes the design faster and reduces redundant tasks of making changes all over the site.

Elementor Pro Elements

The Elementor plugin comes with a pretty good set of widgets, but if you are an agency developing websites for your clients, you will need more, and that is where the Pro version comes in. The Elementor Pro version adds more than 30 other impressive widgets.

Live Custom CSS

This feature of the Elementor Pro allows you to add custom CSS to any widget or a block and see the changes you made there live on the editor. If you are familiar with coding and often find yourself engaging in scenarios where you need to make changes that are not in the reach of drag and drop builders, then It is recommended to get the Pro pack.

Embed Anywhere

The Elementor Pro features an option that allows you to embed the widgets or the rows anywhere you want with the help of shortcodes. It can be beneficial as you can use the shortcodes to display widgets in the footer, sidebars, and even on blog posts.

If you purchase Elementor pro, You will have both the free Elementor plugin and the Elementor Pro plugin active on your site.

Features of Elemental Pro

Elementor’s Free version allows you limitless layout feasibilities. Elementor Pro, nevertheless, enables you to have extra expert accessories that advance your work and will allow you to get higher conversions with sales.

Tracking indeed is a large comprehensive record of all features of Elementor Pro, examined side-by-side beside the available version of Elementor. Nevertheless, we can point out the benefits of Elementor Pro. Also, why you should upgrade to Pro immediately, here are the following points which might help you.

Customize each element of your theme.

By Elementor Pro Theme Builder, you stand no extended limited to your theme modifications. Also, an individual can visually compose things like header, footer, even archive page, including original posts with all extra elements of the site utilizing Elementor Pro. 

No additional theme, either even plugin, can offer this clarification. So by presenting the whole web design method visual, including code-free, one can easily create designs considerably quicker and active than ever before.

Visually design applications plus combine them seamlessly.

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 Association reports are a vital component of all websites, considering they are the generators for alterations, including leads. Elementor Pro’s Information widget is innovative as the complete manner of accomplishing them is visual. One can design their applications on the front end, then unite them to any automation marketing program preferentially CRM of your choosing with a few clicks.

Professional templates including blocks

One of the benefits is Elementor Pro allows multiple further professionally created templates with blocks that can be readily customized to help you design remarkable websites. These templates and blocks combine the Elementor Pro widgets. Hence you can build pages emphasizing things like slides, motivated headlines, applications, and different required Elementor Pro characteristics.

Principal professional widgets plus features

Elementor Pro adds any essential widgets with its characteristics, which are necessary for an expert web designer. Certain introduce Animated Headers for effective headline design, Posts widget for an unusual display of blog posts, even routine fonts.

 Here are some points regarding the features of Elementor Pro:

  • Are you finding difficulty in creating professional web-designs? End your problem with Elementor Pro.
  • If you want to save time (and therefore your money), you’ll probably want Elementor Pro.
  • Want to dodge difficulty from plugin struggles or free plugins, then you’ll seemingly want Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro also has renovated the entire page structure-activity and changed and the process we use a page originator.

In such a short time, Elementor Pro also received four million Live also satisfied users in WordPress.org from the super user-friendly activity that one can never have previously.

Customizing the Word Press topic and generating landing sides, has been so easy that even a non-developer can build a visually stunning website without coding skills.

Idea Developer will get the attention if one can begin modifying the Elementor free, including pro variant.

Amidst Elementor 2.0, people have started the Elementor Theme Builder, which operates on several themes and gives you the freedom to design just the way you want.

One can formulate Custom Header or Footer, Design Search, including also design templates that define the layout of a site’s blog posts.

Elementor Pro Theme Builder excludes the point of practicing a particular theme, while you are available to create your every page just the way you require.

Subscription Plan of Elemental Pro

Have you decided to purchase the Elemental Pro to experience that empowers you with large skilled tools that speed up your progress and elegance?

Then you should look at the subscription plan and decide the plan that works best for you. They have three subscription plans to offer you, depending on the number of websites you have. But before that, let us see look the benefits that you will unlock with the subscriptions:

  • Elementor Pro will give you access to more than 50 Pro widgets,
  • 300 Pro Templates.
  • You will have access to the diverse options of builders. These include the Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder as well as Popup Builder.
  • Under this pack, you are eligible for support and upgrades from Elementor Pro for 12 months after purchasing.

Elementor Pro provides the same services to all its clients with little variations in the pricing and the number of websites developed. The three plans, along with the difference, are:

  • If you are new or want to have just a single website, the Personal Plan priced at $49 per year is the most suitable.
  • If you are planning to develop more than two websites, the Plus plan priced at $99 per year will suit you the best.
  • Are you a professional and need to develop hundreds of websites? The expert plan priced at $199 a year is the best choice. You can easily develop 1,000 websites with the plan.

How to buy Elementor Pro?

Buying Elementor Pro is quite an easy task. So, according to your need, if you have already decided which plan to purchase, then the next step is to buy it. Let’s see the steps to buy the Elementor pro:

  • You can simply purchase the Elementor Pro by visiting the official website of Elementor Pro.
  • After visiting the link, you will see various subscription plans like as mentioned above, in the subscription plan. Choose the plan that meets your requirement.
  • After choosing the right plan, you will be directed to the checkout page for your payment. Elementor Pro offers various payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal, or any credit card. 
  • After selecting the payment method, you will be asked for an account. Just log in if you already have one; otherwise, create an account.
  • As soon as you log in, your payment will be accepted, and the product details will be sent on your to your e-mail address.
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How do you add Elementor Pro to WordPress?

A drag-and-drop page builder is what you need to control every part of your website design in a single platform. You can customize your website to create beautiful pages by adding motion effects, multiple fonts, and enhanced background images1 using a visual editor.

Page builders like Elementor make it super easy for even non-coders to create any WordPress website they want. It’s a top-choice platform because of features like script optimization, custom attributes, and rollback versions for developers. 

Well, installing Elementor Pro is very simple and easy. After purchasing Elementor Pro,

Steps for Installation

Step 1: Install the Elementor Plugin

First, start by installing Elementor on your blog.

Head over to the Plugins > Add New and search for Elementor.

Then Install and Activate the plugin.

As it gets activated, you will see edit with the Elementor option inside WordPress editor.

If you’ve purchased the Pro version of the plugin, you’ll have to upload the Pro plugin on top of the free version and activate it using your license code to access the Pro features.

Step 2: Designing A New Page

To design a new page with Elementor, all you have to do is create a new Page or a Post and click on the edit with the Elementor button.

You will then be redirected to the Elementor Live Editor. From here, you can design your page by either using a template or by using drag and drop blocks from the element tab.

You can choose any way to design a page as Elementor makes it very easy to use. You can finish a design within a few minutes, even if you’re entirely new to Elementor.

Once you’re done designing your page, you can save the design and publish it.

Step 3: Using The Templates Library

Another exciting feature is its templates library, as it allows users to create their templates and use them in the future.

This feature allows you to save and create a collection of your templates, widgets, and custom designs so that you can design unique landing pages quickly as it is something that will surely come in handy for web designers and marketers.

Step 4 (Pro): Forms, Slides And Embed Anywhere

? Go to Elementor > License, click Connect & Activate.

Finally, you will get your license activated automatically. Elementor Pro is a user-friendly WordPress plugin specifically built to help you design a custom website for your business. Want to attract and nurture more leads, install Elementor Pro to increase your conversations with your clients.


The new page builder, Elementor Pro, is no suspense a great addition to the powerful free Elementor plugin. Both the free and paid versions are user-friendly WordPress plugin specifically built to help you design a custom website for your business.

Elementor is the best for personal blogs, business websites, and portfolios. If you are running a magazine, new site, blogs with high traffic, business sites, and online stores, you need to opt for Elementor Pro.

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