Email marketing is absolutely vital and here to stay. In the world of ecommerce marketing, email is one of the most effective marketing channels with 7% of ecommerce user acquisitions, lies second only to search which enjoys 15.8%. To be distinctively noticed, ecommerce emails ought to have engaging content.

So, what ecommerce email marketing best practices do you implement to maximize ROI?

  • Make your ecommerce emails mobile responsive, considering 56% emails are opened on mobile devices.
  • Add an interesting subject line with the captivating use of keywords, because the subject line and open rates are directly proportional to each other.
  • Personalization in ecommerce emails may lead to higher unique open rates, as 75% of consumers appreciate personalized emails with customized messages and offers.
  • Ecommerce emails with incentives and prominent CTAs in the email considerably boost the conversion rate.
  • The majority of the recipients engage with promotional emails in the later part of the day.
  • Make sure you test…test…and test your emails before sending them out as it can help you to know what kind of email copy works the best.
  • Last but not the least, build brand loyalty with email automation. It helps engage your customers and reap ROI as well.

Want to know more about how you can boost your ecommerce email marketing this holiday season, check out this awesome infographic from EmailMonks.



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