Novel Coronavirus or Covid 19 is devastating many countries, businesses and lively hoods.

From panic buying to layoffs, it has had varying impacts.

From a search perspective we can take a deep dive into the data that is coming through and analyse the impact it is having on various industries.


No surprises that most people would agree the travel industry has been hit the hardest with travel bans and restrictions. Travel website traffic is down -46% and is a huge dip.

Essential ecommerce stores that stock toilet paper, face masks and hand sanitizers are in popular demand.

News sites are most sought after as people are glued to their television sets while in isolation or staying at home. News feeds with updates on the number of cases, deaths, new government rules and regulations are all contributing to this. Search traffic for News sites is up +34%.

While people are under strict restrictions, they are also looking for health and wellness information where searches range from Covid 19 symptoms to exercise routines on how to stay fit while in lock down.

Another popular industry that is be benefitting from the stay at home limitation is food and recipe websites where the traffic has increased by 22%.

Finance is another sector that is experiencing traffic surges up by 29%.


What can you do in times like these other than staying home and staying safe?

  • Well, review your campaigns and try to stay lean.
  • Look for positive messages and help your community where possible.
  • Focus on customer service rather than acquisition.
  • Plan for the future and focus on Q4 goals and strategies.
  • Remember your data will be skewed due to the pandemic.

When we get through the tough times you still want to be in the forefront of your community and customers as the business that helped even in the toughest of times.

Here is an infographic on Covid 19 imapct on SEO by PageTraffic.


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