30 Content Promotion Platforms to Drive Traffic

We all have heard it hundreds of times that ‘content is king’. However, the truth is content alone is not sufficient to drive traffic. Thus, you must consider sharing it on various content promotion platforms.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic to a website or blogs. And digital marketing is one of the crucial aspects which you simply can’t overlook if you want to survive in this digital era.

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Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the best content promotion platforms.

Please note that each platform is designed to accept the content in a specific format and some of them even accept the content of all types like Facebook.

That’s why I thought it’s better to have a list of content promotion platforms under three categories i.e texts, images, and videos.

30 Best Content Promotion Platforms

Let’s have a look at content promotion platforms where you can share your text-based content.

10 Best Text-Based Content Promotion Platforms


Quora is the best platform to share content with potential followers. It lets you even answer questions, share links to your content, and network with other professionals. The more you engage with other users, the more you showcase your knowledge and content creation skills. By doing so, you can create your follower base and increase your brand’s visibility amongst fellow writers and industry experts. 


Reddit is essentially a social news platform. It allows you to discuss and vote on content as well as posts that other users have submitted. Similarly, you receive votes and comments on the content you share. You can create or join small communities called subreddits and share content that your readers or other users are interested in. This is a great platform to gain industry or subject-specific audiences. 


If you are a content writer, then Tumblr is the right blogging platform for you. Many bloggers and businesses also use Tumblr to drive higher traffic. This is mainly because Tumblr lets it’s users share all kinds of content – blogs or short texts. And since Tumblr has a maximum limit of 250 words, it is best to keep your content short and precise, thereby showcasing your writing talents. 


LinkedIn is a great business networking platform. It lets you share and post blogs on your LinkedIn profile as articles. With quality content, you can even build a strong subscriber base for your articles. In fact, every time you post an article, your followers and subscribers would be notified, and they can comment, like as well as share links to your article within their network. 

LinkedIn Group

Being a part of a LinkedIn group or creating a LinkedIn group allows you to strengthen your bonds with your existing connections as well as network with new brands and businesses. LinkedIn groups provide you a private space to interact with like-minded members that share common skills, experiences, etc. Sharing your content in LinkedIn groups gives you instant gratification from those with industry affiliations and helps you drive traffic. 


Slashdot is a social platform dedicated to technology-related content. Every time you post your content on Slashdot, you drive massive traffic to your content. You can post and share summaries of news articles, and also share links. You receive instant responses from your readers and potential audiences through a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 and assessments like an insightful, funny, interesting, redundant, off-topic, troll, etc. 

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Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups help people with a common cause, aim, or activity come together and express their objectives through shared content. Sharing content and being an active member of Facebook groups gives you an insight into what your readers say about you, and give you a perspective. You can also find new inspiring ideas for your next content. Creating your own Facebook group also makes it a great place to interact with your fans and grow your connections. 


Twitter is another excellent platform to build relationships with potential clients and customers. It helps you establish yourself as a trusted source for content and a leader in your industry. You can engage in conversations with your audiences and share links to your platform. Your audience can, in turn, retweet your content and direct potential viewers from their networks to your content.


Medium is a blogging platform. With high-quality content, you can post and write about anything. This means that your content does not have to be sector or industry-specific. There is no censoring or content monitoring on this platform, and so, there are no excluded topics. As the platform also caters to SEO, you can increase your rank and grow views on your content easily. In fact, many numbers of backlinks are generated to the content posted on medium. 


Hubpages is another platform that lets you write and post content on any topic of your interest. You can also create a page of a topic of interest and share it with others. Hubpages also offers lots of tools that help improve your page’s usability. There are no restrictions on the creation of pages. So, you should aim at creating one page for each topic you want to create content for.  

10 Best Image-Based Content Promotion Platforms


Instagram lets you connect with potential audiences across multiple channels and, therefore, increasing engagement. You can easily upload and post images to your Instagram from your website. So when the other users see your Instagram page, they can click through to view your account, follow you and connect with you. With Instagram photos, you can connect with people where they are and get a higher Instagram engagement rate. 


Pinterest enables you to share and upload images unique to your content and your brand. Additionally, if other users try to copy your image or share your image, they are bound to share a link to the original post. This, in turn, has the potential to drive massive traffic to your posts. So there is no chance of plagiarism and 100% originality.


With Facebook, you can link posts that generate full-sized images. These wide images have a high Click Through Rate or CTR. So posting links to your website or content on Facebook is highly beneficial. When you upload such posts, you get likes, comments, and shares, which essentially drive traffic and increase engagement. 


Mix is a platform that enables you to curate and share what interests you the most. You can even use this platform as a research tool to find out more about the subjects you write about, and also as a networking tool to connect with potential partners as well as audiences. It enables you to dig deeper into new topics and discover new things. 

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Imgur is another great platform. It enables you to post pictures to the site and distribute them efficiently. You can also generate folders and categorize your pictures, graphics, etc. There are also versions available for mobile devices, so you have access to photos, screens, etc. anywhere. It also lets you share photos with co-workers. 


Flickr is mostly used as an image hosting website, but it also has video hosting functions. With Flickr, you can share and embed personal photographs on the site. And if you are a blogger, you can also host images that are embedded in your blogs and social media. Flickr allows you to post pictures instantly as well as set who may or may not view those pictures. 

We Heart It

We Heart It is an image-based social networking platform. When you post images, your viewers can add them to their collection or ‘heart’ your image and share them. You can also create folders and organize your posts into collections. We Heart It also allows you to 


Dribble lets you browse through many creative designs from individuals, teams, and companies all over the world. You can post and share many kinds of designs like icon design, branding, animations, prototypes, illustrations, graphic art, and so much more. You can even follow other designers and critique their work. Dribble lets you make the most of your creativity. 

Scoop It

Scoop It allows you to show your expertise and generate traffic through integrated social sharing. It is a content curation site that helps you find the best content on the web placed there, or scooped, by others. It has the potential to increase your influence across the web, bring you mass blog traffic, help you meet like-minded, engaged bloggers, and offer you quality material to read on topics that interest you.

10 Video-Based Content Promotion Platform


YouTube initially was that place you went to watch cute and funny videos of people’s cats and other pets. While the feline community remains exceedingly well represented today, YouTube is now also the home to an outstanding amount of business-related content. With higher than 800 million different visitors a month, it’s the gateway to one of the most extensive audiences online.


Vimeo is an excellent platform for businesses as well. It aims at delivering a higher-quality environment. With  170 million monthly viewers, Vimeo is a great platform to drive traffic. Another benefit of Vimeo is that it doesn’t run video adverts. With uninterrupted videos, your audiences are bound to watch it till the end.  You can password-protect a video or specify which accounts can view it. 

Daily Motion

Daily Motion is a platform that focuses on video content across news, sports, music, and entertainment. It prioritizes premium content from the world’s top storytellers and publishers, including live events such as concerts, sports competitions, breaking news, and more. The platform also offers personalized feed where users can access their daily dose of recommended videos according to their unique tastes and interests, thus driving immense traffic. 


DTube or Decentralized Tube is a video content based platform. You can post videos and earn rewards for creating and uploading content. Another benefit is that no video uploaded on the platform can be blocked to viewers. In essence it does not restrict copyright and other video content. This feature of DTube truly empowers users to showcase their creativity without limits. 

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Twitch is a platform that lets users watch or broadcast live streaming as well as pre-recorded video of the broadcaster’s video game gameplay. There’s also running chat from viewers on the screen that you can respond to. You can also host esports tournaments with live commentary, live-streams of news, events, and demos from gaming conventions. You can use the site to follow your favorite players, view your favorite games, pick up game tips, or simply browse for inspiration. 

Instagram TV

Instagram TV lets you create and upload high quality, vertical videos. You can create channels to upload these videos within a duration of 15 seconds to 10 minutes long. When you promote IGTV videos in the feed, your followers will see a one minute preview and can click through to keep watching the full video. With millions of users, this is the best platform to drive traffic. 

Tiny Pic

With TinyPic, you can easily upload a photo or video, without even entering your email address and password. You can also browse and search for images and videos uploaded by other visitors. When you upload your posts, you receive a unique code. This code can be used to distribute your posts through e-mail or popular social networking sites. It also lets you organize media into albums, and edit your collections. You can also keep a list of favorite pictures created by other users, and upload multiple files simultaneously.


DropShots is another excellent platform that lets you upload your photos and videos, organize them into albums, share them with friends and family, and even order top-quality prints. You can also enhance your images with DropShots Cloud-based photo editor. It’s effortless, and no additional installation is required. 

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is designed to help you discover shows which are personalized around what your friends and communities are viewing. Video contents tagged with what your friends are watching and emoticons with reactions help grow the concept of community. So when you upload your video content, you can receive immediate reactions and see how far your content has reached. 


Metacafe is another video sharing community. It uses unique video rank technology that lets users sort and present videos. You can upload any video content like humor videos, Amazing clips, rare movies, Internet videos, and viral ads with sports and news-related media. Your viewers can also share videos via email. The platform’s algorithms do not allow duplication of video content, thus providing originality. 


When you post and share your content on these content promotion platforms regularly, you will not end up getting only traffic but you will also build quality backlinks.

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