Characteristics of A Good Landing Page

Advertisements bring search engine traffic to your website but what converts them into customers is your landing page. Your landing page needs to score full on appeal factor and honed to perform the task at hand, i.e., converting the visitor by getting them to click the CTA button. While there is no sure-shot formula for creating a perfect landing page, there are certain characteristics in a landing page that play a pivotal role in boosting the conversion rate.

Apart from the message that you want to convey through your ad campaign, characteristics like effective CTA button, attractive visual information, incredible typography, appealing color scheme, and flawless responsiveness are also indispensable in your landing page. Below, I have discussed these characteristics in detail. Take insights from these characteristics and tweak your landing page accordingly to enjoy better user engagementand higher conversion rates.

Clear CTA Buttons

Your call-to-action is what you want your visitor to do after they’ve landed on your landing page: ‘Sign Up’ ‘Get Started’ ‘Contact Us’ ‘What’s Next’ ‘Submit’ ‘Learn More’. You need people to move further along the conversion funnel and that’s the reason why you need clear and effective CTA buttons on your landing page. Do not have more than one CTA on your landing page so that the visitor is not distracted or confused with other requests. The size, color, and placement of the call-to-action on your page have a powerful effect on the visitors. It should stand out on the page and call for attention without making people guess what they’re supposed to do further.

The visual information on the page should be leading the eyes of the visitor towards the CTA only. Repeat the CTA below the fold if you have content placed after the primary CTA. The right placement of CTA on a landing page can boost conversion rates. It must stand out with a compelling CTA copy that drives the visitor to click on it. The CTA on the landing page of Linode is bold and clear with effective CTA copy that is jumping out of the page asking to be clicked. The designers played smart with the colors and used red CTA on a green background with white text to make it pop out.

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Attractive Visual Information

Once you have increased your website traffic, you need to add visual information on your landing page to keep the visitors engaged for a long haul. Having attractive visual information on the landing page not only delights the eyes but also ensures that your message is reached out to the audience in a more attractive manner. Adding images, diagrams, charts or infographics can be a great way to uplift your landing page and make it come to life. Graphics and images are relevant to represent your product and service in a detailed manner and to boost the overall message of your campaign.

You can use this visual information in many forms; either as a normal image alongside text or as a background to the landing page. Moreover, videos, GIFs, and cinemagraphs can also be used on the landing page to create a clear path to the call-to-action. Netflix, the American entertainment company, offering online media and video streaming on-demand, uses visual elements like image and ad banner on their landing page perfectly to their advantage. They have used the image of a family watching Netflix in the comfort of their home as a background on their landing page to convey their message effortlessly.

Apt Typography

The age, social situation, niche and other factors of your target audience should be kept in mind while choosing the typography of the landing page. Your ad campaign targets a unique audience and the typography must be chosen according to them. The type of font you chose, the color scheme of the font, gradation etc., trigger a neurological rainbow of emotions in the audiences’ brain to make it more appealing. An incredible typography increases the readability, making the visitor stay longer on the page and thus, ultimately, boosting the conversion rate.

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Apart from the color, size, type, and weight of the font, the line breaks, line spacing, and line width also play an important role in improving the landing page’s typography. Try minimalism with appropriate white space as today’s user is picky and only reads the content that interests them. Perform A/B Test regularly to see what works best for your landing page. The typography of FancyTheme’s Solopreneur landing page is not just stylish but balanced as well to suit the background of the page. This type of typography makes the text stand out and offers easy readability to the visitors.

Engaging Color Scheme

What appeals most to the visitors on a landing page is its color scheme. A landing page with a pleasing color scheme is easier to understand and comprehend. It plays with the psychology of the audience to keep them engaged for a longer time. Not just the color scheme of the entire page, but the color of the different elements present on the page like images, font, CTA etc. The color of each element should be distinctly visible on the page. Color coding for the navigation elements while using contrasting colors for CTA and font is a great way to improve UX of the page and in turn, boost the conversion rate.

Different colors convey different messages on a landing page and even evoke different emotions in the visitors. For example, red stands for exciting and bold, white produces calm, balanced and neutral emotions, and blue evokes the feeling of dependable and strong. By understanding what type of emotions you want to be evoked in your visitor’s mind, you can choose what color scheme you want. Have a color scheme that not only reflects your brand but also plays with the psychology of your audience to speed up conversions. PopSurveys has effectively used a beautiful color scheme that not just looks good to the eye but also deliver the campaign message effectively.

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Seamlessly Responsive To Any Screen

The last but one of the most crucial characteristics of a great landing page in today’s world is responsiveness. With more users getting online through mobile phones and more emphasis being given on mobile first indexing, the flawless responsiveness of landing page to any screen is inescapable. The landing page should smoothly transit between different screen sizes to ensure that a user is able to clearly view all the elements of the page irrespective of the size of the screen.

With responsive web design taking over the present generation, flawless responsiveness to different screen size is a must have for your landing page. Visual Website Optimizer makes perfect use of responsiveness on their landing page. Their elements like social proof, CTA, headline etc., are placed in an efficient manner so that it becomes visible on any screen size.


Simply put, your landing page should be clear, appealing and responsive, with its elements placed strategically to lead the visitor to the desired action. Your landing page should give the visitor reasons to stay on your site and clearly explain to them why they are there, and what they have to do once they have landed on your landing page. With the essential message effectively visible on the fore, you can now play with other elements to make your landing page more converting.

P.S. Don’t forget to perform A/B testing and retarget your visitors regularly to ensure that your efforts are paying off with higher conversions.

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