Business Website WordPress Plugins For 2017

Sometimes your business blog needs a boost. You always need to attract more people to your site and keep them there long enough to earn them as a customer.

It’s not just great subject matter and some stylish fonts that will snare web surfers. There is some behind the scenes work that can be done too. Help guide your future customer base to enjoy their time on your blog so they will come back again and again.

From security to organic search results to turning your visitors into customers, WordPress Plugins can do it all. If you are serious about building your blog and your business, here are some of the top, must have WordPress plugins for 2017.

Yoast SEO

This is one of the easiest ways to immediately increase traffic with a super easy-to-use plugin. This does so much for your blog it’s scary but it is very customizable so you’re not relying on some intergalactic algorithm to increase your business.

Yoast will help you write better, more searchable posts by letting you customize what your page will look like in the search results. It will help edge you past the competition by increasing organic searches from prospective customers on all major search engines.

It will also give you feedback to let you know whether or not your page needs a little more content to maximize SEO, allow you to see feedback and page analysis, and help you integrate your blog and your other social medias. This is step one in building a successful blog that is easily found by anyone in the world.  It’s literally one-stop shopping for creating the best business blog.

Envira Gallery

One of the most annoying things web surfers can encounter is waiting for pictures to load while surfing the web. It can be a tricky situation, if it takes too long, you could lose a customer.

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With Envira Gallery you will never have to worry about that again. If you need to post a lot of pictures you can create beautiful images that will quickly download no matter the format or device. Never worry about overloading a page with too many enticing shots that can slow down the download again. It comes with templates for galleries as well as social media integration so you can keep followers on every platform informed. It even has video support so you can embed YouTube videos and more.

If you’re not ready to spend any more than you already have on your blog this year there is an Envira Gallery Lite that is completely free, just so you can get a feel for it and see how much it can immediately improve your blog site. You will not be disappointed and neither will your friends and followers.

Login Lockdown

Internet security is a major concern for everyone and especially businesses. Today’s hackers usually come right in through the front door, that is to say, they login just like you. Password lists and other information are easily shareable on the web.

A potential hacker might be able to find out your birthday on another social media website, anniversary, or other important date and use that and other information to make repeated attempts at logging into your blog. That’s why Login Lockdown is so useful. It puts a limit on how many tries you get before you’re locked out of the account.

It’s a simple tool that could save you in the long run. Don’t let hackers come right in the easy way and make changes to your ads, links, and information. Get Login Lockdown and get peace of mind.


Whether you’re keeping in touch with your current customer base or trying to entice new ones you always need to be available to answer questions and provide customer service and care. WPForms is there to help you do just that. A very user-friendly customer contact form, WPForms will provide space for your customer base to ask you questions on their pressing issues without clogging up your business email account. Not only will it assist you in keeping track of questions, it also can easily be embedded into your posts, pages, sidebars, and more.

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If there is a page that seems to draw the most questions, WPForms will be there reassuring the customer that you are there to help. It is also mobile friendly and will allow you to have instant notification of all inquiries so you can respond in a snap or can help manage your leads in one easy to use spot when Monday morning rolls around. Being there for your customers is always number one and will help you get sales done.


Don’t allow your site to be held hostage by malware and hackers. Securi is there to guide you safely to ultimate internet security. At Securi, they actually specialize in WordPress security and secure WordPress as a company.

Unfortunately, this does not mean you are completely safe at a personal level. Securi not only blocks attacks on your site by protecting at your firewall, they also keep track of everything that has happened on your site, including logins, failed logins, file and update changes, and more. Every 3 hours there is a complete sweep of your site to ensure that there are no current threats or any past threats that need attention.

Some hackers will just sneak in and try to replace links or add banner ads to try and gain clicks on some of your older posts making it very difficult to detect. Securi will take care of these thieves too, scanning every single file even if it is not a WordPress file. On top of all that, they even have a malware cleanup service that comes with it. It is truly the ultimate in security.

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Turn your blog visitors into blog subscribers with one easy plugin. OptinMonster is there to help you add a customer base by aiding you in building an email list.  Keep your followers and subscribers up on all your most recent posts and promotions.

Not only does it help you build popups and opt-in forms that best suit you and your business but it also helps you use that list by working with all popular email marketing services to sell and promote. Direct email marketing is one of the best ways to sell. Analytics are offered too, so you can track what works best to gain more subscribers to your blog.

It also has “Exit Intent” technology that can help turn an abandoning visitor into a returning subscriber. OptinMonster can sense when someone is about to leave your site and it stops them with a personalized pop-up or other targeted campaigns to see if they would like customer service support, a discount offer, or to join an email list for future discounts and other offers. Don’t let the customer slip out of your reach ever again. Remind your customers that you are always there ready to make the sale.


There are plenty more plugins available for WordPress, but these can have an immediate impact for your site. SEO, picture availability, speed, security, customer satisfaction and retention are all cornerstones to any successful business blog. Let WordPress help.

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