10 Business Ethics in Freelancing

Business Ethics in Freelancing

Let’s get started with the section titled ‘Business ethics in freelancing‘, part of “How to get started with freelancing“.

“Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality”

You heard it right. Now, you must understand why ethics is the most important thing to become a successful freelancer. 

Let’s have a look at the ethics of successful freelancers.

Top 10 Business Ethics in Freelancing

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to freelancing. It essentially gives your client’s an idea of the kind of output they can expect from your work. It also gives them an idea of the level of responsibility, creativity, and professionalism that you bring with you, and they can look forward to in the assignments or tasks.

Focus on Integrity

Integrity is a crucial ethical aspect of any working relationship. It speaks of trustworthiness and the level of responsibility that a client can levy on its contractor or freelancer. It also instills a declaration of the amount spent on the cost of a project, the level of training, qualification or experience, and other aspects that do not give a false impression about the freelancer.

Be Obedient

A freelancer must be obedient. Since he is the one on the receiving end of the tasks and projects, he should follow instructions stated by the client. A freelancer should also accept criticism and be patient.

Stay Loyal

When you pledge your alliance with clients and employers, you must consider your relationships with all the previous clients you have had. You must stay loyal to your current client, and if you are in a contract with other employers, you must declare them all.

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Be Reliable

Trustworthiness and dependability go together. You must work hard towards delivering all your tasks in time, thereby letting your clients know that you are reliable. This will also be helpful when you get into future contracts.

Stay Competant

The output of your work should be of high-quality. Such that it is comparable to the quality of work done by the best freelancer out there.

Be Productive

The level of productivity that you bring with you ensures your clients and employers that you are worth the money. It also ensures optimum utilization of services at your end.

Always Stay Focussed

Staying focused on your project requires spending all your energy on your work single-mindedly. Therefore, you must avoid any distractions that might threaten to hinder your performance.

Efficiency is the Key

When you are efficient, you meet and even surpass your employer’s expectation in terms of producing the expected results. It means that you reduce waste and perform projects with a high level of skill. Freelancers must aim to reduce the turnaround time of delivery of completed projects.

Communication is must

It is vital that you always keep your employer updated on your progress or any other matter that requires attention. This helps in determining the estimated time of achievement of the work as well as its delivery.


Freelancing can be tough at times, and it’s definitely not designed for everyone. If you are a freelancer or wish to be one, then the secret is to be assertive in your pitches, always respond in a timely manner, and be polite and professional when you engage with potential clients. These simple acts make a bigger impact than simply telling them that you are a great communicator.

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Do not worry about not getting it right the first time. Making mistakes is an important part of the learning curve. So, give it your best and work up to your potential!

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