Business Can Improve Its Brand on Pinterest

Have you started using Pinterest for your business marketing yet? If no, then be quick! According to Social Media Marketing Experts, Pinterest is the best social media platform available for business marketing. So, there’s no logic in keeping your business away from this platform. A rough estimate has been drawn that Pins on Pinterest are 100 times more visible than a tweet as it supports organic search.

Despite being the best social media platform for business marketing, not all brands have yet started using Pinterest. Early birds who pre-calculated the potentiality of this robust platform are getting a good amount of convertible traffic from Pinterest. There are some others who see themselves unfit for the platform; they are not bothered what others are saying or doing. While there are a bunch of business personnel who either have a Pinterest account or want to have one but don’t know how to use it effectively.

We are starting our discussion with an assumption that you are related to a business and want to brand it on Pinterest. The only problem is that you don’t know how to improve your presence on this platform.

Here we are with a list of 7 things you need to do to improve your brand image on Pinterest.

1. Ask Pinterest the Way to Use it Effectively

It might sound like a joke but believe me, it’s not a joke at all! The best and most unique feature of this Social media platform lies in its willingness to educate its users. Pinterest tells its users the best practices of using it through interactive sessions, video tutorials, workshops and webinars.

Pinterest is always there with tips on using it more efficiently. One of the most basic principles given by Pinterest is that you should not only show your product but show your audience ways to use that product. They encourage users to be consistent and pin at least five pictures or post per day.

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2. Opt for Using Pinterest Business Page

You might be knowing that Pinterest provides separate accounts for personal use and business use. This feature gives you the freedom to keep your business entity separate from your individual entity. The Business Page of Pinterest is specially designed to cater to the specific needs of your business. The most important feature of the Pinterest business page is Pinterest Analytics that is very similar to the Facebook Insight available on Facebook pages. It gives you all the details you will need, starting from traffic to the number of repins as well as other factors that can work as measuring scale for your business.

When you create a business page, Pinterest asks you to verify your website. You can do this easily by uploading an HTML file given by Pinterest or simply pasting Meta tags to your website. After verification of your site add ‘pin it’ or ‘on hover pin, it’ button to your website so that your visitors can pin those images. This process will increase your reach multi-folds.

3. Create or Be a Part of Group Boards

Group boards on Pinterest are a great option for collaborative marketing. You can create a group board and invite other complementary businesses to pin to that board or accept someone else’s request of a group board. This is the easiest way to share and increase each other’s customer without losing anything.

Don’t indulge in group board activity with your competitor because the competitor may take away your customers. Try to be friends with complementary business. Let’s assume you run a confectionary and advertise your cakes on Pinterest. You can join a group board with an event managing company in your locality. You both will be able to increase your customer base simultaneously.

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4. Connect With Your Audience

Simply pinning your products multiple times a day is not enough; this may, in fact, bore your customer. If customers get bored, then they will not pay attention or repin your pins. You need to keep your customers entertained if you want them to stick to you.

You can create a guest board and encourage your audience to pin their stuff on the board. You can also announce time-bound or ongoing contests for your audience.

The point is to be creative and keep your audience engaged with your business.

5. Use Rich Pins for Enhanced Experience

Although the feature of Rich Pins is absolutely free but you need to apply for it and get your site verified. This is an absolutely powerful tool especially if you are selling something online.

There are different kinds of rich pins namely:

  • app pin,
  • article pin,
  • product pin,
  • recipe pin,
  • movie pin and
  • place pin.

All these rich pins have certain attributes ideal for the purpose they are designed for.

The product pin is considered to be the most efficient of all rich pins as it allows sellers to sell directly from the site.

The product rich pin contains three attributes:

  • Real-time pricing,
  • availability of the product and
  • where to buy option.

If a user pins any product, then he is also notified about the price change.

6. Share Infographics when a Picture can’t tell a Thousand Words

Pinterest is an image-based social media platform, but you cannot always post a photograph to convey your message. Videos too are an option, but they are time-consuming as well. Users on social media platforms are so occupied that they won’t usually play a video unless the heading is too exciting to ignore.

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Infographics are the best thing to convey your message to your target audience when just a photograph of your product cannot do the required.

7. Optimize Images for Better Results

This one is last but in no way less important than the other points mentioned above. Optimization of images before pinning them is very-very important. Suppose you have a great picture (photograph or info-graph), but due to its resolution the thumbnail only shows a part of it; target audience won’t get attracted to it. Pinterest tells pins are best suited for vertical images in the ratio of 2:3 or 1:3.5 with the minimum width of 600 pixels. To get the best out of your pins you need to go through the pain of resizing your image.

Image optimisation doesn’t end at simply resizing the image. You need to optimise the images for mobile screens too. Earlier viewers searched pins while surfing the internet on desktops or laptops. Today almost 59% of pins are searched using mobile devices. That clearly means if you are not able to optimise your images for mobile viewing then you are going to lose 59% of your traffic that may turn into converting leads.


Let me remind you one last time that Pinterest is known by its present business users to generate the highest converting leads. So, if you don’t see it as your cup of tea or you are unwilling due to any other reason; I’ll strongly suggest you re-think Pinterest. If you find any difficulty, professionals are always there to take the burden off your shoulders.




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