With the world moving towards online media at a highly progressive rate, it has become significantly important to focus on the content that helps to convey your brand or business message to the target audience. Though font, graphics, images and other media has a vital role to play in every post that reflects your business perspective, but each one of them seems lacking soul until and unless they are accompanied by a crisp, clear and informative piece of content. The most common technique used for spreading the content is Blogging.




You will find hundred of new blogs appearing on the daily basis in quest of making money online. And, the bloggers don’t actually realise the things that they miss – be it a newbie or an experienced professional. This post will focus on some salient credentials for successful blogging tips especially if you are a budding blogger who has recently stepped into the field.

Remember, blogging can be carried easily but to maintain your blog is a bit daunting as it requires you to be consistent, relevant and qualitative.  And if you are among those people who look blogging as a medium to make their living, you need to take many things into the consideration including writing, SEO, social indicators, promotion, branding, monetisation and many more.

Don’t forget that a blog has not bounding limits; a normal blog can turn out to be one of largest brands in near future. It was years back that Mashable and Techcrunch were like any other blog and their growth is a real inspiration for all the bloggers today. So, let’s glance at most influential factors:


1. Passion and Patience are Cardinal Tools for Blogging

Passion and Patience are often referred as buzz words of blogging.  Always identify your niche to start blogging with which you are well-versed and love to write. Blogging is not about getting rich overnight. You will have to keep patience for the monetary benefits and have to make a strategic approach. If your goal is simply making money online, you should consider some other facet of online marketing except blogging.


2. Create a Strategy for Blogging

Always proceed with a proper schedule for blogging. How many blogs or articles you are going to write, how often you are going to write, and how much time you need to market your blog – are all important aspects to consider for attaining success. If you want to make money from your new blog, you will have to treat it like a serious business. Your dedication and passion will fuel up the flames of your blog’s success.




3. Design a Strategy for Social Media Marketing

No more are the days when search engines were considered as the sole source to generate traffic. Nowadays, you need to target big brands of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon etc for grabbing the attention of maximum potential audience within a significant amount of time. Sometimes, the ratio of traffic grabbed through social media may extend the traffic generated from search engines. The only thing needs to be kept in mind is that the job of generating traffic is not at all easy. You will need to be active with your target audience in social media and will have to build a strong relationship with them.

Also, social media indicators help you to improve the ranking of the site. With an adequate amount of social exposure, it becomes a lot easier to get a new site to rank than that of an existing one. Therefore, spend the requisite amount of time in Social Media Marketing as well.


4. Link Building Should be Done Strategically

Link Building matters a lot when you work with the search engines. Step ahead with proper link building strategy and make efforts to drive more backlinks through the blogs of your niche especially the ones having high domain authority. Identify the Dofollow blogs of your niche and the blogs that use the plugins like Comluv and Top Commentators. Like them, comment on them but avoid spamming activities. Instead, give your inputs to add more value to the article.



5. Build a Community through your Blog

The tone of your blog should be such that whenever a new reader stumbles upon your blog, they should feel like entering into a community and become a participant there.


6. Establish Sound Relations with Niche-Specific Bloggers

Start interacting with other bloggers of your niche by marking some comments on their blogs. You can also interact via social media. It will be of great help as you will get to learn many new things.


7. Come up with Unique Content

Everyone in the blogging world is aware of the fact that “Content is King” and it is arguably true. Don’t ever try to pass copied content through the site as you will be restricted from search engines ultimately. Remember, no one likes to read similar things over and over again.


8. Always Respond to Comments

Responding to the comments posted by readers is often a great way to interact with your readers. They generally love this when their concerns or issues get answered and they will come back to comment again as they will find you a reliable source from where they are getting the practical solutions to their problems.


9. Don’t Ignore Guest Blogging

Try to work on at least one quality article a week on other blogs relevant to your niche who allow you to post blogs on their sites. Becoming a guest blogger with the sites having heavy traffic and high DA is quite beneficial as it will offer more exposure along with quality backlinks.

In addition to this, learn the art to craft a guest blogging campaign that will pay you off with great linking benefits.


10. Always ask for Reader’s Opinion

Welcome readers’ opinion about your articles. They will comment on your blog and it won’t look like any robot has written that article. You should work really hard for getting more and more comments as it helps to boost yours as well as your blog’s ego. But be sure, you get thoughtful comments and avoid the common comments like “Thank-You” or “well-written post” as a reader can share your post on social media sites to show their appreciation.

Be open to insightful and constructive comments. This will help to spark conversations and will lead to more interaction. This is the one commonly ignored aspect of new blogs.




11. Write Keeping Readers in Mind

One of the biggest problems with new posts is grabbing reader’s attention. You would say SEO is a great solution for improving the visibility on search engines. Undoubtedly, SEO is significant but it is the readership that matters the most.

Whenever you write any post, make sure it comprises most relevant information that will convince readers to continue reading.

12. Your Blog Design should be Reader-Friendly

Your blog should be accommodated with a clutter-free design having proper navigation. It should be designed such that readers can locate the content they want to read without any hassles. It is true that content plays a key role, but you should remember the old saying that – the first Impression is the last Impression. Also, it will keep the user engaged on your blog for some more time.

Therefore, design an attractive blog post for grabbing the attention of maximum target audience.


13. Make Use of an SEO Friendly Theme

The template of your blog is very critical for the SEO and branding. You can use WordPress themes as per your budget availability. You can also opt for the professional and SEO theme if not bounded by budget. So, select the one suiting your preferences and step ahead towards the journey of earning money.


14. Title should be Effective

Writing effective titles or headlines to highlight your article is very important in order to catch reader’s attention with the very first glance itself. Also, be sure that the title is reader friendly as well as SEO friendly.


In Closing

Hope these blogging tips will help you in the long haul. And I would like to receive any tip or suggestion you have for better blogging practices. So, feel free to share them in the comments below!


About the Author

Kristy Bernales is associated with Web Design Xperts, Melbourne as a Sr. Designer. Her blogs are good reading resources especially for the newbies who are looking for a career in web designing, development or content field.


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