Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers [Infographic]

If you want to start a successful website, you must have a good web hosting provider. There are a lot of web hosting providers who offer different hosting services such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, etc.

You could host your website using any host type given above, but if you have a WordPress site, I always recommend hosting it on WordPress Optimized Hosting Solution.

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What are the traits of Best WordPress Hosting:

It offers blazing fast speed

The website speed is crucial when it comes to the user experience and search engine rankings. User experience is the future of SEO, and fast site speed could help you to improve it. Moreover, websites with quick loading time tend to rank better in search engines. The websites hosted on WordPress optimized hosts have blazing fast speed.

It has higher server uptime

When your web server goes off, the sites hosted on the server will not be accessible. So, it is essential that your server should guarantee a higher percentage of uptime. Most of the WordPress web hosting services offer 99.99% server uptime, and if they are not able to provide promised uptime, your account will receive credits.

It provides strong security

WordPress is an open-source platform. Some hackers find vulnerabilities in the WordPress platform. A good WordPress hosting provider protects your site from such hackers and also take daily automated backups. You can restore this backup if your site faces any issue. Here are some tips on how to protect your WordPress site from hackers.

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It has excellent customer support

If you get stuck with any hosting related problem, your web hosting provider should solve it quickly. The best WordPress hosting providers offer 24×7 live customer support or at least quick help desk ticket support.

It is available at a reasonable price

The higher price hosting doesn’t always mean excellent services, so you should always look for a hosting provider which offers top quality services at an affordable price.

The below infographic contains top five best WordPress hosting providers. Check it out and choose your ideal WordPress host.

Here at YourEscapeFrom9to5 and all our accompanying sites, we use SiteGround hosting due to their pricing, security, speed, excellent and top notch customer service.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers [Infographic]

Infographic source: Dmarketer

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