Best High Paying SaaS Affiliate Programs 2022

Best SAAS Affiliate Programs

Software solutions are getting trendier and trendier, and as competition rises for the software industry, many companies are putting more effort and resources into their marketing programs, which means there are plenty of opportunities for affiliates to grab a slice of the pie. 

What is SaaS and Why Become an Affiliate?


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SaaS stands for software as a service, and is a trending business model among tech startups all over the world. The idea behind SaaS is to offer software products not just as digital goods – you pay for once and you get a license to use – but also as a service, i.e recurring payments typically using a subscription-based business model. 

Today, software is used for just about everything – in almost every niche and every industry – and software solutions are constantly launching and popping up to address the needs of individuals, consumers, businesses, professionals, and more. As such, you’ll be able to find all kinds of SaaS solutions that cater to a wide market and a wide variety of audiences. Whether you’re into tech, finance, beauty, fashion, or what have you, software is something that any 21st Century buyer would gladly consider.

As a marketing affiliate, SaaS programs have several outright advantages over traditional goods:

  • SaaS Products are More Accessible

SaaS products usually make use of a subscription-based business model, and from the marketing perspective, make them significantly easier to sell and promote. For one thing, subscriptions keep entry very low-cost for potential customers. SaaS is more affordable, more accessible, and makes use of a much more modern business model to generate revenue for the company, and indirectly, for you.

  • Highest Commissions in the Industry

While most physical products earn affiliates anywhere between 1% and 15% commissions (sometimes more, depending on what), software products typically offer double or even triple the commissions you’d get in other niches. Once its been developed, for example, software doesn’t cost that much to maintain, which means companies benefit much, much more from larger user bases – hence the much higher commission rates.

  • SaaS Products Cater to Every Need

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a SaaS software solution out there to solve just about any everyday need. From improving work performance to checking your credit score to improving your budgeting and management capabilities, SaaS products exist that cater to every need.

  • SaaS Products are Global

Unlike other products that need to be shipped out and processed through customs when you order them internationally, SaaS products are available just about everywhere. Of course, there are some exceptions like financial software, but for the most part, you can get the same software as anyone else in the world anywhere in the world – no shipping necessary.

If you think SaaS programs could be a good source of revenue for your platform, in any niche, then check out the list below for some of the best SaaS affiliate programs this year.

List of SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2022


Top SAAS Affilate Program

Commission Rate: 50% for 12 months
Cookie Duration: 90 days

One of the best SAAS Affiliate Programs to look for at these times is Webflow. What’s one thing that just about everybody needs in 2021? If you guessed ‘a website’ then we wholeheartedly agree with you. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to start your own custom blog, an entrepreneur looking to start your business off right with a digital landing page, a creative professional aiming to create a one-of-a-kind digital portfolio, creating your own website is one of the best ways to get your message out there. 

That said, web developers don’t come cheap, especially if you’re aiming for a custom design to get your website looking exactly how you want it, and while there are plenty of great courses and resources out there to help you learn web development for yourself, it might not be aligned with your own goals and interests. Fortunately, there’s Webflow.

Webflow is a web design tool that lets users build modern websites – based on your own designs, or from templates – without having to use any code. These websites are responsive, and can be dynamic, too. Webflow offers this service in a variety of different subscription plans, starting from $12 per month.

While Webflow is a fantastic service on its own, and one that’s getting better and more popular every day, it’s also becoming one of the most lucrative SaaS affiliate programs available. Webflow offers 50% commission on every single subscription that recurs monthly for the first 12 months of a sub, and with the 90-day cookie window, you get plenty of time to turn your leads into full-fledged conversions. If you’re a designer, you can also take advantage of the affiliate program by creating and providing all kinds of digital templates.


Best SAAS Affiliate Program to try

Commission Rate: 50% of commissions
Cookie Duration: N/A

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Another best SAAS Affiliate Programs that you shouldn’t miss is Binance. It is known as one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms there is, and what’s best about them is that they cater to a global audience. It doesn’t matter if your leads are coming from Asia, North America, Europe, or nearly anywhere else – Binance is available everywhere. If you’ve got a financial website, blog, or social media channels, promoting Binance could be a great way to earn extra revenue as an affiliate. Since the majority of the audience to Financial platforms are either looking for the latest finance news and updates, or tips for investing, either way, your expertise holds influence to your audience and it’s easier to recommend financial products like Binance.

Binance offers a very generous affiliate program, especially if you use the platform personally. You can get up to 50% commission on every transaction, so that’s half of whatever Binance earns.


top SAAS Affiliate

Commission Rate: $10 per trial user, $200 per subscription
Cookie Duration: 120 days

Our list of the best SAAS Affiliate Programs include a top-tier accounting software solution to promorite on your platform, we recommend you to use FreshBooks.

Arguably one of the most popular SaaS accounting solutions out there, FreshBooks caters to just about everybody. Freelancers use FreshBooks as a lightweight and versatile tool to track and manage invoices, and process payments securely. Small and medium enterprises trust in FreshBooks’ powerful features and optimizations to stay on top of their businesses’ balance statements. 

FreshBooks is made for entrepreneurs in the 21st Century, and features all kinds of integrations and connections to make managing your finances a seamless experience. Plus, Freshbooks can be used anywhere in the world – although many of their features, like bank integration – are only available to customers within the U.S.

If your audience includes business-minded individuals, people who want to be smart about their money, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone else who can appreciate a powerful, flexible tool to help keep them out of the red, then becoming a FreshBooks affiliate can be highly lucrative. 

Their affiliate program offers generous commissions – $10 every time you get a user to sign up for a free trial, and $200 every time you get a paid subscriber using your links. Pair that with FreshBooks’ astounding 120-day cookie window, and this affiliate program can definitely make a significant contribution to your revenue stream, especially if you’re promoting to entrepreneurs.


SAAS Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $200 per subscription, $10 per trial, $0.01 per signup
Cookie Duration: 120 days

The next best SAAS Affiliate Programs on the list is SEMrush which is hands-down the #1 SEO tool in the world. Powerful, feature-rich, and enterprise-level expensive, SEMrush is the SEO tool that’s trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world to take on some of the biggest digital marketing campaigns in the world, from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Tesla, IBM, and several other Fortune 500 companies. It’s popularity and effectiveness is also allowing it to grow in popularity with startups and medium enterprises, although the hefty price tag does mean that SEMrush is a toy for the “big boys” – not for enthusiasts, but for digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who are willing to invest big to grow big.

If your platform caters to a professional audience that can benefit from an industry-leading marketing tool, then becoming an SEMrush affiliate can be a highly lucrative undertaking. SEMrush may be one of the best SEO tools in the world, but it’s also one of the most expensive, with their most basic offering priced at $119.95 per month. As an affiliate, you stand to gain $10 every time a user signs up for a free trial, $0.01 every time someone signs up for one of their free tools, and a massive $200 payout every time you get a paid subscriber to sign up. The generous 120-day cookie window is icing on the cake at this point, but should make it even easier to make those conversions.


best recurring affiliate programs

Commission Rate: $36 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Just like their slogan says, Canva brings the world of design to just about everyone. With a web-based offering that’s available anywhere in the world, Canva is one of the most popular web-based design platforms that’s used everywhere in the world. All over the globe, students, freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs all love Canva for its rich feature set, versatility, and user-friendliness. Even without much design knowledge, users can create professional graphics thanks to the availability of templates and high-quality graphics.

Although many people are happy to use Canva for free, the platform does have a subscription-based Pro offering with added features and accesses designed to help users unlock even higher-quality outputs thanks to the array of new tools and features – and this is where an affiliate can earn revenue.

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Canva Pro is available for $12.99 per month, but affiliates can earn $36 every time they sell a Pro plan. The industry-standard 30-day cookie window should be plenty of time to get a subscriber to use your unique referral link and switch over to Pro.


SAAS Affiliate Programs 2021

Commission Rate: 33% for 12 months
Cookie Duration: N/A

If you’re targeting businesses and entrepreneurs, then Pipedrive is one of the best SaaS solutions to promote to your audience. As one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) tools available on the market, Pipedrive has a track record of helping businesses – from freelancers to SMEs – keep better track of their customer interactions and make the most of those relationships. Pipedrive not only lets you manage your contacts and interactions better, but it also offers one of the most robust scheduling features we’ve ever seen, with integrations that put you in total control of your time.

Pipedrive plans range from $15 per month to $119 per month, and as an affiliate, you stand to earn 33% commission on the first 12 months of every single subscription. While it’s true that other platforms offer unlimited recurring commissions for life, Pipedrive’s pricing and global marketability make it a high revenue earner, regardless.


SAAS Affiliate Programs to try

Commission Rate: 20% recurring commissions per plan, no limits
Cookie Duration: 30 days

If you’ve got an audience that consists of content creators, novice and veteran marketing affiliates, business owners, bloggers, and all kinds of people who would be interested in generating revenue through one of the most popular online monetization methods there are, then you can’t go wrong with promoting Affilimate.

Affilimate is an all-in-one solution for marketing affiliates that provides a host of powerful data collection and analytics tools that lets you stay on top of every trend so you can take advantage. They also provide cutting-edge visualizations and reports so data not only becomes easier to read, but also significantly more insightful. As an Affilimate affiliate, you also stand to earn 20% recurring commissions for life on every single subscription, and since their plans range from around $30 to around $240, the revenue potential with this affiliate program is massive. 

Affilimate also caters to a global audience, so you’re not limited to promoting to just a single country or continent – every single online business owner out there that doesn’t already know about Affilimate can be a potential source of 20% commissions for the entire duration of their subscription. The 30-day cookie window is industry-standard, but that should be plenty of time to reel in those conversions.


Top SAAS Affiliate Programs 2021

Commission Rate: 10% recurring, no limits
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Email marketing has been around, well, since email, but the latest cloud-based marketing platforms are kicking it up a notch. Privy is one such email marketing software solution that uses cutting edge analytics tools and insights to make sure that your email marketing campaigns give you plenty of ROI to help grow your businesses.

Designed for small to medium enterprises, Privy has helped over half a million businesses around the world grow their businesses through effective, industry-leading email marketing tools. Businesses report growth in followership and revenue after using Privy, so if you’re promoting to an audience of businesses and entrepreneurs, then their track record speaks for itself.

As a Privy affiliate, you’re also entitled to a very generous 10% commission recurring over the entire course of your lead’s subscription. If they stay on forever, you’ll just keep on getting that commission, forever, no limits. 


Best SAAS Affiliate Platforms

Commission Rate: $50-$100 per sale, with volume-based incentives
Cookie Duration: 60 days

When it comes to web hosting, few platforms do as well as SiteGround. Designed for ease-of-use and affordability, without compromising quality of service in the least, SiteGround is one of the best web hosting companies today, with over 2.8 million domains under their belt. Plus, with plans starting at just $4.99 per month, they offer one of the most affordable entries into the world of website ownership.

SiteGround prides itself on a handful of things – service reliability, server uptime, high-performance servers for e-commerce, and more – but their biggest draws are easily the easy and hassle-free tools and services that they provide to their customers. Website builders, managed hosting, website transfers – all can be done with no trouble at all through SiteGround.

As a SiteGround affiliate, you can earn anywhere between $50 and $100 per sale, or even more depending on volume. Base commissions start out at $50 per sale, but when you get to the 21+ mark, SiteGround offers a custom commission structure to further incentivize sales volume. The 60-day cookie window helps out with that, too, so it’s well worth it to promote SiteGround web hosting every chance you get.


SAAS Affiliate Programs

Commission Rate: 10% recurring, no limits
Cookie Duration: 90 days

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Sales Management and CRM combined into one smooth, powerful platform: that’s what Close offers, and it’s easy to see why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular SaaS sales solutions on the market today.

As an affiliate, you can take advantage of Close’s generous 10% recurring commission rates that go on forever, no limits. Combine that with the 90-day cookie window and the fact that their lowest-tier Basic plan starts out at $25 per month per user, and you’ll be getting a significant boost to your revenue you stream while at the same time helping out your audience by recommending a sales management and CRM platform that’s worked wonders for businesses around the world.


Top SAAS Affiliate Program to try

Commission Rate: 200% of monthly commissions after two months
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Anyone who’s into e-commerce has at the very least heard about Shopify, and it’s easily become one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms today. Over a million brands around the world use Shopify to set up their digital storefronts, with more opening up every single day.

Shopify also operates all over the world, so the market opportunities are limitless. If your platform caters to an audience of e-entrepreneurs and folks looking to start an online e-commerce business, then Shopify is the absolute #1 affiliate program you do not want to miss. It may take some work and dedication to get your hands on their very generous commissions, but considering the expected volume and the fact that a Shopify subscription can range from $29 per month to $299 per month, you’re golden. Shopify affiliates earn double commissions on the monthly subscription fee after two months of activity, so the best course of action here is to make sure your audience is informed and equipped with the right knowledge to succeed in their online business endeavors.


Best SAAS Affiliate Program for beginners

Commission Rate: 30% recurring, no limits
Cookie Duration: 90 days

It may be a very niche SaaS solution, but if your audience can benefit from an award-winning email marketing platform with some unique and handy features, then ConvertKit is possibly one of the top-earning affiliate programs on this list.

Designed with creators in mind, ConvertKit is extremely popular among YouTubers, musicians, podcasters, and other kinds of multimedia content creators. With paid plans starting at $29 per month and going all the way up to $2000 per month, ConvertKit affiliates stand to generate a ton of revenue from their program. Plus, since commissions are recurring, if your audience grows with the help of ConvertKit – which they’re likely to do, as long as you give them the right knowledge on how to use the platform effectively – your commissions grow as they do. If you do the numbers, just getting one subscription for their highest-end $2,599 monthly plan (or more for enterprise-level plans for users with upwards of half a million subscribers), then you could be earning nearly $800 per month on that subscription alone. 


Prominent SAAS Affiliate Programs

Commission Rate: 20% recurring, no limits
Cookie Duration: 90 days

One of the biggest challenges of online businesses – especially when they start to scale – is being able to stay on top of your customer service. LiveAgent helps out in that regard by providing businesses with a powerful and versatile toolkit for handling and managing all kinds of customer concerns. 

As a LiveAgent affiliate, you can earn up to 20% recurring commissions per month, and with their plans ranging from $15 per month to $39 per month per agent, the revenue potential is enormous.

SaaS Promotion Tips


There’s software out there that caters to just about every need in every niche, and while SaaS platforms are a great way to cash in on some of the most generous commission structures in the industry, it still requires strategic promotion to do right.

The best way to promote SaaS products is, definitively, to teach your audience how to use the software effectively, and maximize the ROI they get from. Since a lot of these platforms offer recurring commissions, the best way to keep the revenue flowing is to ensure that your customer sees the benefit of the software they’ve purchased.

Ensure that your audience is knowledgeable and proficient at the tools you’re promoting by providing all kinds of tutorials and guides to help them maximize not just the user experience, but the benefit they gain from using the software.

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