Best Profitable Language Learning Affiliate Programs 2022

In the midst of the pandemic, millions of people from around the world had to figure out a thousand ways to keep busy, and language learning was one of the most popular undertakings for those who wanted to stay productive and learn a new skill. 

There are plenty of ways to learn a new language: you can find yourself a penpal or you can try learning on your own. But if you want the best results, there’s no better way to learn a new language than through the structured yet practical approach that only the best language learning courses can provide.

8 Best Language Learning Affiliate Programs

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Now, language learning courses have been available online for a long, long time, but the sudden boom in the language learning industry has made affiliate programs a lot more lucrative.

If you’re looking to get in on the language learning trend, then here’s a list of the best-performing language learning affiliate programs in 2021.

Rocket Languages

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Image Source: Rocket Languages

Commission Rate: 40-70% depending on volume
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Few language learning courses have received as much accolade and acclaim as Rocket Languages. Not only is their platform one of the most popular and successful when it comes to learning a new language, but they also have a comprehensive selection of language learning courses to choose from, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and many more.

Rocket Language also offers one of the most generous affiliate programs in any industry, with an incredible 40-70% commission rate on every sale. Rocket Languages even offers commission incentives to give their affiliates a bigger cut if they manage to hit certain sales quotas.

Combine the massive commission rate with Rocket Language’s 60-day cookie window and impressively high conversion rate and you have yourself an affiliate program that’s sure to boost your platform’s revenue. 

Plus, Rocket Language takes really good care of their affiliate partners, providing them with all kinds of branding – from banners to images to free trial forms that affiliates can put on their platform – to make getting those conversions a lot easier.


best profitable language learning affiliate programs
Image Source: Memrise

Commission Rate: 15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Convenience and practicality – that’s the Memrise approach to learning a new language. While their lessons still focus on theory and the nuances of language, Memrise’s biggest draw is that it teaches you how to go from novice to fluent in as little time as possible.

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You won’t become a master overnight, but if your main interest is picking up a new language for conversation, then Memrise won’t disappoint.

Memrise offers an adequate commission rate of 15%, but since the platform offers value for a broad audience, it’s easy to make up the difference through volume and conversions. The standard 30-day cookie window helps a lot with that, too.

Innovative Languages

top profitable learning language affiliate programs
Image Source: Innovative Languages

Commission Rate: 25%
Cookie Duration: Lifetime

Made popular by its unique method of teaching new languages and the fact that it has 34 language learning courses available on its platform, Innovative Languages is a fun, great way to learn a new language.

While other platforms offer the most common languages – French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and more – Innovative Languages boasts a massive selection of languages to choose from. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn some of the less common languages and impress friends, family, and native speakers, then Innovative Languages will see you through to fluency. Languages on offer include Swahili, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Filipino, Turkish, Urdu, Thai, and a lot more.

Lifetime cookies are a rare thing in the affiliate marketing industry, but here they are on Innovative Languages. Pair that with the generous 25% commission and the unique audio/video approach to language learning, and Innovative Languages can easily drive your affiliate revenue ever upward. 

Fluent City

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Image Source: Fluent City

Commission Rate: 10% per sale, $5 per lead
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Many of the most popular language learning platforms available today offer low prices and video on-demand, which are really not a bad way to learn a new language. After all, the sound is there to help you master those intonations and pronunciations, and on-demand video is so convenient for all kinds of learners.

However, if your audience desires a more traditional, directed approach to language learning, the best affiliate program for you might just be with Fluent City.

Fluent City goes old-school with their approach to learning new languages. Instead of on-demand video, you get to have a live lesson – either online or in-person, depending on your need and budget –  with an actual language instructor.

The benefit is clear – you get live feedback, the ability to ask questions and get the right answers, and you get to put your learning into practice right away. Fluent City offers packages for private lessons and group lessons, so learning can be as collaborative as you want it to be.

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Fluent City’s commission structure for affiliates is pretty straightforward – you get $5 per lead, and 10% commission on every sale. Since the average order on Fluent City can run upwards of $400, the commission is sizable and the 45-day cookie window is very accomodating.


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Image Source: Italki

Commission Rate: $10 for every purchase made by your leads, no limits
Cookie Duration: 45 days

With a massive selection of languages to choose from – over 150 in total – italki is easily one of the largest and most popular language learning platforms operating in the industry today.

Here’s what they offer: 1-on-1 lessons in any language you choose from – no, you don’t get on-demand videos for more obscure languages, they have an actual expert in each of those 150 languages they offer – a supportive community to help you learn and hone your language skills, and out-of-classroom language learning experiences to help you get more immersed.

Italki’s affiliate program can also be highly lucrative, with the possibility of recurring commissions from each of your referrals. Every single time a user referred by you makes a purchase on the platform – usually it’s more lessons on more languages – you can earn a flat commission of $10, forever.

The 45 day cookie window helps, too, but as long as they sign up within that time frame, you’ll earn a commission on every purchase they make from that point on.


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Image Source: Mondly

Commission Rate: 40% per sale
Cookie Duration: 120 days

Simple and straightforward, Mondly may not have any exciting features or unique benefits, but it’s still one of the most popular language learning platforms in the world, and their app makes learning as convenient and easy as possible. 

It was Facebook’s App of the Year and one of the best-selling apps on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store with 80 million users around the world. With 41 language courses on offer, Mondly’s popularity alone can mean a lot of benefit and opportunity for a potential marketing affiliate.

Mondly offers a substantial commission rate of 40% on every sale, and their 120-day cookie window gives affiliates plenty of elbow room to work their leads into full-fledged conversions, so this platform comes highly recommended.

Mimic Method

Best Learning language affiliate programs
Image Source: Mimic Method

Commission Rate: 50% per sale
Cookie Duration: 365 days

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Unique, interactive, and fun, Mimic Method’s approach to teaching new languages is all about sound. And the way they teach the sounds of language is through music.

With an emphasis on pronunciation and native-level speech fluency, Mimic Method is ‘the most natural’ way to learn a language. Perfect for people who’ve tried to learn a language before but couldn’t master the sounds, the Mimic Method caters to a very specific niche in the language learning market.

Apart from the fact that Mimic Method dominates the language-learning-through-music niche, they also have a very generous affiliate that offers affiliates a 50% commission rate and a year-long cookie window to help drive conversions.


top 8 profitable language learning affiliate programs
Image Source: FluentU

Commission Rate: 20% lifetime commissions per user
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Lifetime commissions are a great way to keep affiliate revenue going, and FluentU’s affiliate program offers a substantial 20% for every single purchase over a user’s lifetime.

Plus, with their unique approach to language learning – students watch and interact with videos putting them in real-world situations – the market for FluentU is broad and the earning potential massive.

Tips for Promoting Language Affiliate Courses


Language learning courses weren’t always the easiest product to promote, but that changed when the pandemic started. Online education is on the rise, and language learning courses make up a big chunk of that industry, and since many travel plans had to be put on hold, those looking to visit other countries decided to spend their free time learning a new language. 

Promoting language learning courses all depends on who your audience is and what they want out of the language learning experience. If you’re a travel blog or website, learning a new language can allow travelers to immerse themselves better with local culture and community – that’s one way to look at it, but the benefits extend further. 

If you’re promoting learning, upskilling, or career development, knowing more than one language extends your capabilities and brings you more opportunities in the future – that’s another way of promoting language learning. The idea is to figure out who your audience is and what they want, and focus on the values and benefits of language learning that responds to those needs best.

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