Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs 2022

If your platform focuses on camping and hiking, one of the best ways to monetize is to partner with brands and companies that offer affiliate programs. In fact, depending on the destinations and activities you’re promoting, outdoor products can be your most lucrative revenue stream.

Travel and outdoor activities may have taken a significant hit when the pandemic started, but with vaccines on-hand and booking slots left wide open, more and more people are looking at getting an early start on travel this 2022.

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We’ve all been cooped up in our homes too long, and if your audience is the type that’s just itching for an adventure, then partnering with an outdoors brand could give you the boost you need this year.

8 Best Outdoor Gear and Experience Affiliate Programs


Here are the best outdoor gear and experience affiliate programs in 2021. In the curated list of affiliate programs below, you’ll find tested-and-proven affiliate programs for outdoor gear and activity bookings with enough volume to make a difference on your revenue stream. Check out the list below to find out more!

The North Face

Best outdoor affiliate program
Image Source: The North Face

Commission Rate: 3.2-6% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Known around the world as a top brand for outdoor gear and equipment, The North Face offers a very lucrative affiliate program. Offering everything from bags, to shoes, to apparel and all kinds of travel gear and adventure equipment, The North Face is a trusted brand that’s known for durability and dependability; something every traveler needs more of.

Combining a solid commission rate with a 7-day cookie, conversions may be a little harder to come by with The North Face, but thanks to their popularity, you can quickly make up the difference with volume. Cookie Duration:


top 8 outdoor affiliate programs
Image Source: Cabela’s

Commission Rate: 1-3% depending on product
Cookie Duration: 14 days

Cabela’s is a one-stop-shop for all things outdoor, and whatever may tickle your fancy, their store has something to offer everyone. Cabela offers clothing, apparel, and outdoor gear for the versatile adventurer, but depending on your audience, you can also promote all kinds of products – from hunting equipment to fishing gear, to camping equipment and ATVs. 

Cabela’s commission structure is straightforward, albeit a little low, but since their products are premium and priced accordingly, there’s plenty of commissions to be earned with this platform.

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They offer a 1% commission rate on any gun purchases, 2% commission on ammunition purchases, and 3% commission on everything else in their store. With the 14-day cookie, conversions are relatively easier to come by, and that’s why Cabela’s is one of the more popular outdoor gear and equipment travel affiliates today.


affiliate programs for outdoor gear and exchange
Image Source: Osprey

Commission Rate: 8% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Osprey is a popular travel and lifestyle brand that specializes in travel bags and backpacks. Their products are a big hit among campers, backpackers, hikers, and all kinds of travelers who don’t intend to pack too light but want versatility and durability in their luggage.

With average order prices exceeding $150, Osprey offers plenty of value for their affiliates. The 8% commission goes a long way with this high-end travel brand, and the 30-day cookie window definitely brings those conversion numbers well within reach.

One thing to note is that customer behavior when it comes to backpacks is the need to ‘try before you buy’, so make sure you can provide your audience with as many details as you can about the backpacks to ensure a successful conversion.


best affiliate programs for outdoor activities
Image Source: Backcountry

Commission Rate: 8-12% per sale, depending on volume
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Backcountry is another popular travel apparel brand that focuses on outdoor wear. One of the best things about Backcountry is that, apart from offering their own brand of apparel and outdoor wear, they also sell products from other brands, including Oakley, Marmot, Smith, The North Face, Sorel, and more.

This makes an affiliate program with them highly lucrative – the wide selection of products makes it easier to promote them to a wider audience. Backcountry also deals in all kinds of outdoor gear and equipment like tents, kayaks, backpacks, and more.

Backcountry offers a solid 8-12% commission rate for every product purchased with your link, and their cookie window lasts an industry-standard 30 days to accommodate more conversions. Backcountry also offers volume-based incentives, so you can earn more commission when you make more sales, allowing your revenue potential to grow significantly.

Unfortunately, most Backcountry products are only available in the U.S. and Canada, with only a small handful of brands available for sale in Asia and some European countries. 


REI affiliate outdoor program
Image Source: REI

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 15 days

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One of the most popular outdoor brands on Amazon, REI’s affiliate program gets plenty of attention from promoters, bloggers, and other travel-oriented content platforms.

As a trusted international brand for quality outdoor equipment, REI caters to a worldwide audience and offers gear for just about every outdoor activity – from biking, to hiking, to camping, snow sports, kayaking, mountain climbing, and more.

Since REI offers a comprehensive selection of outdoor gear and equipment, it’s arguably one of the best platforms to affiliate with if you cater to an outdoorsy audience. Their 5% commission rate offers favorable revenue, and the 15-day cookie window gives you just enough time to convert customer interest into a full-fledged sale.

That said, REI is one of the harder affiliate programs to get into, and they’re very selective of who they partner with. But if you can get in, then you’ll have access to an extremely versatile revenue source that you can include in just about every piece of outdoors-oriented content.


Top outdoor affiliate programs 2021
Image Source: Patagonia

Commission Rate: 8%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Based in the U.SPatagonia is a travel and outdoor wear brand with a commitment to social and environmental activism, hence the huge online following. Patagonia boasts an incredible customer base that’s supportive of both the product and the mission behind them, and the brand is amassing popularity even in countries outside the U.S., including countries in Europe and Asia.

With their 8% commission, Patagonia already offers plenty of value and opportunity for affiliate partners, but combine that with the 90-day cookie window, their millions-strong customer base, their 5.5% conversion rate, and the fact that the average order on their platform exceeds $150, and you have an affiliate program with incredible earning potential.

Outdoor Voices

best affiliate programs outdoor activities
Image Source: Outdoor Voices

While their main offering includes yoga and sports equipment, Outdoor Voices has a wide selection of outdoors products available for sale on their platform. Emphasizing style, comfort, and quality in their products, Outdoor Voices has a huge, loyal customer base which also means higher conversions for potential affiliates.

The 12% commission rate is substantial, especially when you consider the platform boasts a 12% conversion rate. If your audience is interested in all kinds of outdoor fitness activities like yoga, running, hiking, and more, Outdoor Voices is an excellent platform to promote.

The 14 day cookie window may be a little short, but despite that, Outdoor Voices still holds a fantastic conversion rate on account of their niche products – just make sure you’re pitching to the right audience.


outdoor affiliate programs to try on
Image Source: Outdoorsy

Commission Rate: From $60 per rental
Cookie Duration: 30 days

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Travel and outdoors doesn’t always have to be about down-and-dirty, nitty-gritty outdoors survival – some people want to celebrate the great outdoors without being too far away from modern comfort and security. If that sounds like your audience, then an affiliate program with Outdoorsy may just be the next best step for your platform.

Outdoorsy offers rental vehicles for folks looking to do some outdoor activities. Their comprehensive selection of vehicles include RVs (recreational vehicles), camper vans, camp trailers, and more, and they cater to all kinds of travellers looking to see the sights and bringing the comfort of home with them.

The Outdoorsy affiliate program offers a flat on every booking, with commissions starting at $60 per rental. The 30-day cookie window should provide plenty of elbow room to make your conversions, but do take note that Outdoorsy only operates in the U.S. and Canada.

Tips for Promoting Outdoor Affiliate Products on Your Platform


There’s plenty of revenue opportunities when promoting outdoor products on your platform, but the most important thing to consider is your audience. If your readers are the type to go off the beaten path and experience all kinds of adventures, then make sure you provide them with product recommendations that give them the reliability and durability they need in their outdoor equipment. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you cater to an audience that focuses on the luxury and comfort of travel, try targeting affiliate programs for products and services that respond to that need: luxury travel gear, high-quality rental RVs and camper vans, and more.

Likewise, if you have a sports-oriented audience, make sure you’re pitching outdoor equipment for fitness buffs – hiking gear, performance apparel, and all kinds of products that can tickle their fancy.

Like with any affiliate program, success is all about figuring out what your audience needs, and seizing the opportunities to link and recommend them to the products that they find attractive – that includes price, quality, style, and purpose.

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