Best Digital Affiliate Products 2022

Not to be confused with software as a service products that usually come with subscription-based models, digital products are typically one-time payment products that have no physical, tangible form – just a digital one that gets downloaded onto your computer or other device. That said, some digital products do include a subscription option, and that’s where the line between digital product and software-as-a-service blurs further, but for all intents and purposes, if you have to pay to download it, it’s a digital product.

This can include all kinds of digital assets like stock photos, wordpress themes, presets, online courses, software solutions, graphics, video games, and more.

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Advantages of Digital Affiliate Products

Digital affiliate products can be extremely lucrative, and here’s why:

  • Prices are fixed, so no need to worry about potential leads looking for deals elsewhere.
  • Most digital products are only available from the developers/creators themselves, so no need to worry about leads looking elsewhere.
  • Digital products are global by nature, so they cater to the needs of an international audience.
  • Digital products generate a lot of profit for the companies who distribute them, so commission rates are typically very high.

Considering the advantages mentioned above, there’s no wonder why digital affiliate products offer some of the highest-paying programs in the industry, with standard commission rates averaging out at 30% per sale.

Top 7 Best Digital Affiliate Products in 2022

From digital assets, to innovative software solutions, to ebooks and PDFs, here are the best-performing digital affiliate products available in 2021:


best affiliate marketing product 2021
Image Source: animoto.com

Commission Rate: 15% for monthly subs, 20% for annual
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Success on digital platforms today is all about video. There’s a reason why YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world and one of the biggest ad revenue earners, too. Social media, websites, blogs – the best way to make an impact today is through original, high-quality video, and with Animoto, professional-quality videos can be achieved by just about everyone.

Easy to use, powerful, and incredibly efficient, Animoto is an all-in-one video editing solution that caters to a wide audience. While Photo Maker may not be robust enough for all but the simplest of video editing jobs, and while Adobe may be a little too heavy-duty for all but the most well-versed video editing professionals, Animoto offers a great middle ground that has something for everyone. With a commission structure that pays 15% (one-time) for monthly subscriptions, and 20% for annual subscriptions, Animoto offers a very lucrative affiliate program, made even easier thanks to their relatively long 45-day cookie window.

Envato Market

best affiliate product 2021
Image Source: envato.com

Commission Rate: 30% per sale
Cookie Duration: 90 days

As one of the largest global marketplaces for digital assets, Envato Market is easily one of the best digital affiliate products to partner with on your platform. Their catalog includes all kinds of digital assets, from stock photos to photoshop presets, to WordPress themes and plugins, and even to video footage, sound effects, and so much more.

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If your audience includes creatives from any industry, then Envato will definitely have something to offer. Plus, Envato offers an educational network with professionally-made courses and tutorials to help teach users the best practices in the creative industry.

Apart from the fact that Envato is the go-to marketplace for digital assets, they also have a prominent affiliate program with substantial commission rates. In total, Envato affiliates earned $3 million USD last year alone. As long as your users make a purchase within the generous 90-day cookie window, you’ll be able to make 30% commission on their purchase. This isn’t recurring, of course, so be sure to promote new Envato products regularly to make sure your leads visit the site bearing your cookie credentials so you earn more commissions.


best affiliate programs for digital products
Image Source: asean.autodesk.com

Commission Rate: 9% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days

While not every single creative out there might benefit from Autodesk software, it’s still an extremely lucrative affiliate program for the right niche. Autodesk is a world leader in high-end creative software, particularly for architects, engineers, and anyone else who works with 3D graphics and precision images.

Used in all sorts of projects – from construction to design to product development and video games – Autodesk offers enterprise-level software solutions for professionals who want the best tools available.

Since Autodesk caters to the best of the best in the creative industry, it’s no surprise that their software solutions are priced at upwards of $1000 per year, with some products available at even higher prices, depending on the number of users/sub-licenses you purchase. While the high prices make it a hard sell to the wrong audience, promoting them to the right market can be very lucrative, allowing affiliates to earn hundreds of dollars with a single sale.


best affiliate products for beginners
Image Source: wondershare.net

Commission Rate: 30%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

One of the best reasons to partner with Wondershare is the fact that their digital products are varied and cater to a wide audience. PDFelement 8 is a world-class solution to working with PDF documents. Dr.Fone is one of the most popular phone-to-PC interfacing solutions on the market, allowing users to do everything from transfer files and performing backups regardless of mobile OS compatibility.

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Filmora is a powerful and efficient video editing tool. RecoverIt is a top-performing data recovery software solution. Wondershare may be a hodge-podge of digital products, but the variety and quality of their software all contribute to the brand’s image as a top-tier software provider for niche software needs – which is great news for anyone looking for a lucrative affiliate program. 

With a 30% commission rate and a 90-day cookie window, affiliates can easily turn leads into conversion thanks to the sheer variety and uniqueness of the software Wondershare has on offer. Wondershare even offers tiered commission rates, so if you’re constantly hitting their sales quotas you can earn up to 50% commission and generate $8000+ worth of revenue for your platform.

WP Engine

high paying affiliate products 2021
Image Source: wpengine.com

Commission Rate: $200 + 35%
Cookie Duration: 180 days

Whether it’s for business, for personal use, for freelance work and web development, or for managing your own affiliate network, WP Engine offers a fantastic suite of tools to help you manage and make the most out of your WordPress website. Their comprehensive WordPress solutions make them one of the most popular platforms for WordPress hosting, and all kinds of customers can find value in the variety of tools and services they have available.

It’s not just customers that are raving about WP Engine – it’s the affiliates, too. With the industry-leading commission structure at WP Engine, affiliates can earn a minimum of $200 for every sale they make on the WP Engine platform, plus 35% of every StudioPress theme sale. WP Engine affiliates can earn tens of thousands with just a handful of referrals, and with their 180-day cookie and easy referral tracking, the earning potential with their affiliate program is one of the highest in the industry.

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WP Engine’s earned awards and accolades galore for their affiliate program alone, so if your audience needs high-quality managed WordPress hosting (and in this day and age, who doesn’t?) make sure you sign up.


best affiliate products to promote 2021
Image Source: softwarekeep.com

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Whether your audience consists of businesses and entrepreneurs, students, bloggers, influencers, or professionals, one thing that’s valued by just about everyone in just about every industry is software. And where better to find the best deals on the most popular software solutions than on SoftwareKeep?

SoftwareKeep specializes in providing popular software solutions at wholesale prices. From office apps to accounting software, SoftwareKeep delivers the best deals on the software with all of the perks of getting them from their official distributors like customer service and support.

Their commission structure may be a bit low-ball at 10%, but with the standard 30-day cookie window, the popularity and demand for the products on offer, and the average product costing upwards of $100, SoftwareKeep affiliates report substantial revenue regardless.

Dover Publications

Commission Rate: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Ebooks and PDFs are a great way to learn, entertain, and gain knowledge at affordable prices, and when it comes to electronic reading material, few places do it better than Dover Publications.

Their affiliate program offers 10% commission on every sale, and the standard 30-day cookie makes for a potentially lucrative opportunity if your audience is the type that likes to read good books at discount prices.

Choosing the Right Digital Products

Now, while digital affiliate products can be highly lucrative, most of your success as an affiliate is going to be based on how well you promote your partner products. The key, therefore, is choosing the right digital products that cater to the needs and wants of your audience.

Make sure to take into consideration the kind of digital products that give your audience the most value – enough so that they’re both willing and able to purchase these products and earn you a commission. It’s all about finding the right products that solves a problem for your audience.

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