Authentic Marketing

Breaking into a market is challenging. It is difficult to know what demographics will best resonate with your brand’s message. Many companies feel that once they have this identified and are able to target their advertising to it, they will see their market share increase.

Unfortunately, it is very rare that a demographic will only be inundated with advertising from your brand. Competing brands will also be targeting the same niche and will be making an effort to take their business.

What must then be developed are advertising strategies that will appeal directly to your core customer base in ways that are different enough to set the brand apart and make a lasting positive impression. Alternatively, new markets with similar demographics must be explored.

Locate New Markets

Some companies like Red Crane Media specialize in creating proactive campaign strategies that reach out to potential complementary off-market allies. This is beneficial for numerous reasons.

When a business continues to focus exclusively on their exact niche demographics through keyword selection and competition imitation they are limiting themselves only to those consumers who already know about the product and service. While this is a reliable pool of purchasers, everyone is already targeting them and many have predetermined favourites. It can be difficult to convert this type of customer.

By reaching out to a complementary subset, for instance, a fountain pen distributor may want to collaborate with a stationary company, it is possible to reach an entirely new demographic that has a crossover interest. This creates far more opportunities to find untapped growth potential and success.

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Unusual Content

Regardless of whether one is trying to reach a new market or increase existing marketing efficacy, unusual content is a powerful option. In a world filled with advertising, people have far too much data being thrown at them to be able to process and become fully engaged every time. In order to capture a consumer’s interest, it is necessary to show them something they haven’t seen before or something they want to see more of.

Digital marketing has become the primary focus of many brands for a good reason, it offers businesses unprecedented access to their target. It also offers a multitude of delivery options with which to garner instant attention and engagement. Interesting emails that provide value to those who open and read them, video ads that capture the attention of the viewer and encourage them to watch until the end, mobile ads that are easy to view and engage with, and banner display ads that get noticed are the hallmarks of good digital advertising.

Word of mouth is no longer the only way to spread the message about products and services. In fact, it is not even the best way. In a world where everyone is friends on social networks, those friendships and recommendations have become less meaningful.

Instead, people are expecting companies who want their business to prove to them that they are valued as an individual. They further want proof that the company that wants their business to provide value above and beyond what their product or service may offer. The first step in accomplishing both of these goals is in creating amazing marketing campaigns that speak to people as individuals and provide them with something of value in an authentic way.

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