A Killer Social Media Strategy For Start-ups and Small Businesses [Infographic]

Social Media at its core was meant for catching up with friends and family; it was a cool way to share holiday pictures. Initially, tech-savvy young ones were hooked on to social media and the older generation stayed away from it.

A lot has changed now since the evolution of social media. This is now a big business with more users than any other online medium. With more than 1.5 Billion monthly active users on Facebook and 1 Billion on YouTube its potential cannot be underestimated.

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Everything in tech eventually has an impact on business, after all, that’s where the money is.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization takes time; it doesn’t take time to implement but takes time to see results. SEO doesn’t need a proper strategy, unlike social media. (Of course, the SEO pundits may beg to differ on this and they are correct when it comes to components of SEO like a link building strategy). What I mean to say is, you can do SEO for a site with a checklist, you don’t need a strategy per say. This, of course, depends on the size of the site, budget, competition and so on.

Social Media unlike SEO doesn’t take time to produce results, but unfortunately, most people dive head first into the social media sea. They may know how deep it is but have no idea how to catch the fish. What type of net to use, what is the size of the fish they want to catch and what type of bait to use.

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Whether you are a small business, start-up or a solopreneur – social media can bring you followers and leads but you need a strategy. There are many pundits with plenty of complicated strategies with pages and pages of overloading information. But have you seen a simple strategy that is visual, easy to understand and follow?

Here it is without further ado! Infographic by: SocialMediaMarketo.com

Infographic brought to you by: SocialMediaMarketo.com

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