50 Must Have Every Small Business Website Must Have [Infographic]

Are you a small business website owner with no website design skills? Fear not, this infographic will show you 50 features to include on your website.

There are a couple of options when it comes to designing a web page for your small business. You can, of course, always hire a professional web designer, but at the end of the day, you will still be giving the final ‘OK’. The other option is that you can delve into it yourself, but if you aren’t a pro, it may be tricky. Before you get started, review this infographic by 99MediaLab on 50 features to include in your small business website.

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There are hundreds of things that will go into your company’s website. From big important things like your domain name and security to the smaller stuff like what sort of font you use and where you list your contact information. Things like the latter certainly seem “small” compared to some of the more technical pieces, but don’t overlook them.

Consumers are increasingly savvy when it comes to online shopping, and if your web page isn’t visually appealing from the first click, you may have lost a few customers. Consider the size and content of your sidebar. Think through the location and content of your main menu. Consider if you’d like to have links for your business’ social media profiles. These are just a few things to think about; there are many more must-haves (and have-nots) for your website in the below infographic.


Here is a quick list of things to avoid in a small business website or any website for that matter:

  • Do not use any flash elements as some browsers and devices like the iPhones and iPads do not support flash. Flash is expensive to develop and is not easily indexed by Google.
  • Avoid background music as they may increase the load time of your website. Not everyone likes all types of music and you are eating up the consumers bandwidth unnecessarily. If someone’s browsing your website on a mobile phone while on the train or the library or at work, do you think music would be appropriate?
  • Avoid broken links at all costs. Frequently check for broken links on your site and get them removed or fixed. Broken links are not good from a search engine optimization point of view and also the user experience of your website.
  • Do not upload videos on your website server. Make use of YouTube and Vimeo as these sites can drive traffic back to your website. If you host the video on your site you will be eating up the server bandwidth and storage space. File size limits and file formats all become your problems. Your web page load time may take a hit.
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Good luck with your small business website!

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