Content Marketing Rookie to Super Hero in 12 Weeks With 50 Contents Marketing Idea [Infographic]

Content Marketing as a concept sounds very simple; it is about creating great content that viewers would love to consume and promoting that content, so more users can find your magnificent piece of content. The content marketing process should have an end goal; the goal could be to get more leads, increase in sales or simply spread brand awareness.

Most businesses understand the role content marketing plays with search engines. Users spend more time searching Google for answers than asking a family member or friend. This is where content can help answer the questions posed by the users.

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Unfortunately, since it hardly costs any money for anyone to create content online the pollution is very high.

Content marketing is often misunderstood by many beginners to be just promoting the content on social media – it is far from it. To get more mileage out of your content you need to promote in many different sources. That is exactly what this infographic has done; it provides you with more than 50 content marketing ideas. Remember not every channel is great for every piece of content or industry so take the time to evaluate your content’s ROI so you can cut the dead weight in the next round of content promotion.


Infographic source: Social Media Marketo

Some Content Marketing Ideas

  • Try Quora and Reddit
  • Share Expert’s Content in Your Social Channels to Build Up Reputation and Authority
  • Paid Content Promotion with OutbrainTaboola or StumbleUpon Ads
  • Post Your Content on Medium and Find an Appropriate Publication
  • Leverage SEO and Keywords
  • Spy on Your Competitors to See:
    • Which Influencers have Shared Their Content and
    • Where They have got Links From
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We have presented many content marketing ideas in a weekly format so it is easy to understand and it makes a visually compelling story. Each content promotion technique can take longer to master depending on knowledge, experience, team size and budget. The key is to gain experience, learn and be consistent with your content promotional activities.

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