50 Blogging Tips [Infographic]

There are plenty of blogging tips all over the web, unfortunately they are all spread across multiple websites. I wanted to create a list of awesome blogging tips from the experts all in one place. I chose 5 expert bloggers, picked 10 of their best tips and came up with a list of 50 of the best blogging tips. These blogging tips will be useful for beginners and pros alike.

I chose the experts with varying perspectives so the tips are not focused on the same area or too generic. For example one expert provides blogging tips for a business blog, another provides tips to improve website traffic and another provides quick blog improvement tips.

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Here is an Infographic of the 50 Blogging Tips from the Experts.


Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income is my favourite as he is like a mentor, guru and above all very open and honest. Pat has an amazing site full of treasures. The more you dig the more you find. So let’s kick this list off with Pat’s tips. Please note Pat’s list of tips will never end but I have tried my best to short-list it here.

1. Use a Professional Looking Domain Name – Don’t use a free domain like yoursite.siterubix.com, instead buy a domain name like yoursite.com

2. Update the Favicon for Your Site – The Favicon is the Image on the browser title and by default looks ugly. Change this to any other image but the default. Try and experiment.

3. Update Your Permalink Structure – By default you Permalink (post & page URL) looks like yoursite.com/post_no. Install All in One SEO plugin for WordPress and this will automatically look much more professional & SEO friendly. You can go to Settings > Permalink to see how they look.

4. Skip the Unnecessary Plugins and Widgets – Too many plugins may slow your site loading time and you don’t want that to happen. Over time the number of plugins ad up quite quickly.

5. Do Not Add an RSS Counter – Don’t add a RSS counter on a new blog. When you have less than 100 people signed up there is no point in advertising to the world that you are a newbie blogger.

6. Add a Video To Your Blog – If you are doing this do it properly if not don’t go down this path. A short and simple welcome video should do.

7. Format Your Blog Posts – Make sure your posts are readable. Presentation and engagement are key. Use images, links, heading tags, bold, italics, coloured text, short paragraphs and so on.

8. Add Images to your Blog and Site – A blog with images is a colourful and happy place to visit.

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9. Have a Checklist of Things to do After You Publish a Post – Bloggers often forget to review their blog, check for errors, add featured image, add ads, socially share your post, ask for comments and feedback. Use a plugin like ‘JetPack‘ to auto share your posts when published.


10. Build an Email List Right From the Start – Start the email list from day one. Most bloggers regret not doing this.

Jeff Goins

Next up we have Jeff Goins from Goins Writer. Jeff teaches how to build an audience of 100,000 blog readers, effective writing, how to write like a pro, and how to make a difference with your message. He has published 4 books. Apparently Jeff also resembles Luke Skywalker.

11. Pick a theme – Pick a simple theme. Visitors to you site will only come back for good content and not a good web design with mediocre content.

12. Give yourself grace – Be prepared to be patient. Success with blogging does not happen overnight.

13. Be awesome – Do something special and stand out from the crowd.

14. Tell the truth – Always be honest, upfront and build trust.

15. No copy-catting – Be creative and unique.

16. Don’t measure stats too early – Don’t waste time with stats and numbers too early, focus on content and marketing your content.

17. Make your content easy to share – Make content sharing visible and easy via social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

18. Never underestimate the importance of networking – Network with other bloggers and viewers. Ask for comments and feedback.

19. Short sentences win – Long sentences can be sometimes hard to read and interpret. Keep it short and simple where possible.


20. Don’t write too little or too much – Write a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1000 words. Only write what is required don’t write to make up word count. If the post is well above 1000 words then create another post. 

Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw is a young entrepreneur from India. He is the founder and editor of authority blog itechcode where he mainly shares various topics on such things as; blogging tips, social media, SEO, tech updates and many other topics. His blogging tips below are focused on a business blog rather than personal. His tips provide variety to our top 50 blogging tips list.

21. Spend Time Over Each & Every Article – Treat each and every article as a product. Spend time to make sure quality and completeness.

22. Post Unique Social Media Content – You can share interesting content of others but try to share your own unique content. Share posts on your passion.

23. Post Only Quality Content! – You can post anything on a personal blog but not on a business blog. Don’t post something for the sake of it. Don’t compromise quality of content.

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24. Interact & Tell Your Story – Interact with your audience via comments and social media. Always have your own unique perspective.

25. Target Your Audience – Know your audience and address their needs and concerns. Target what they want. If you are targeting local audience then you will need to implement local SEO.

26. Conduct Webinars & Interviews – These can lead to authority, publicity and credibility. Interviewing an expert in your niche can take time but well worth the rewards.

27. Invite Guest Bloggers – This provides another point of view, variety and long-term traffic generation. 

28. Write Guest Posts For Other Sites – This provides an opportunity to build good quality backlinks.

29. Focus On People – Put people and their needs first. Listen to your audience. Provide what they are looking for.

30. Avoid Too Much Promotion – Focus on building an audience first. Don’t focus on selling. Provide educational information.

Ana Hoffman

Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe is a model turned online entrepreneur.  Ana’s website is full of tips and tricks to increase your web traffic. The below 10 tips were taken from her 202 bite sized tips, yes 202 now that’s a big list but its short and sweet, twitter style. Apologies Ana if I have shortened your list in a clumsy fashion. I don’t know anything about fashion! Ana adds variety and flavour to our list. Did I forget to mention she also brings a sense of style?

31. Become an expert in your niche – You don’t have to be an expert when you start out but you do want to learn quickly and provide valuable information to your readers. Ideally you want to become the go to person for your viewers in your niche.

32. Write a tutorial – Write in detail on a specific topic, be in-depth.

33. Give away your very best content and then some – Provide your best content on your site and provide some more as a report. Why not provide the report as reward for newsletter sign-up.

34. Be current – write about tomorrow today.

35. Don’t write about your cats, dogs, boyfriends, kids.

36. Be timeless – write a post that will remain time-tested for years.

37. Write with “everybody is entitled to my opinion” attitude.

38. Write about your kids – Ana was testing us here. When I first read this I went “what the…”. What Ana was trying to say is write what is best for your blog and readers. If your blog is about parenting then write about your kids. If your blog is about finance or income then, will writing about your kids help the audience in any way?

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39. Write about other blogger’s best posts – If you see an awesome post by another blogger then write about it.


40. Make your own “best of the best” list – When you have a decent number of blog posts, you can create a summary page with all the best posts in one place. Handy!

Corbett Barr

Corbett Barr from Fizzle provides some quick blog improvement tips. Corbett’s previous blog was Think Traffic. I wanted to summarise Corbett in one line and his personal blog’s tagline does this beautifully “We Make the Rules.”

41. Start a post ideas journal – This could be a good old notepad or word document. I use Evernote on my phone by the way. Capture your ideas for your next post when ever it happens. Ideas don’t just flow when you sit down to write.

42. Add Facebook ‘Like’ buttons – Add this to all your posts and pages. If people like your posts they will share it. Make it easy for them to share.

43. Add Twitter ‘Retweet’ buttons – Again add this to all pages and posts. Getting more traffic from social media is an awesome way to get more visibility.

44. Make a list of every blogger in your niche – Don’t think about fellow bloggers in your niche as competition, they provide the best chance of making your blog a success. Bloggers who succeed are the ones that network and help each other.

45. Add social proof to your blog – Only add email subscriber or monthly  website visitor numbers, if you have a decent number to show. If not then simply show Facebook like or Tweet count. People get influenced by other people’s activity.

46. Refine and explain your blog’s unique selling proposition – Why should readers read your blog instead of any other blog in your niche. Find what is unique to your blog and communicate it to your readers.

47. Learn SEO Basics – The basics take an hour to learn and a life time to master.

48. Implement a call to action – Ask readers to comment or ask readers to subscribe for email updates.

49. Take down the ads – In the initial start-up stage of your blog it’s all about growth so take down the ads, build traffic and viewer ship, then you can put some ads or affiliate links.

50. Develop a Facebook fan page – Build a Facebook fan page sooner rather than later. Take advantage of the 500 million Facebook users.

Hope you enjoyed the blogging tips as much as I did. Take note and take action. Happy blogging! As always I appreciate your comments. Sharing is sexy!

Special thanks to Brian Dean from backlinko for his ideas on backlinking strategies. You are amazing Brian and thank you.

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