5 Simple Ways Can Grow Client Database

The key to maintaining business growth is to constantly be adding to your client database. Whether the people you are adding are ready to retain your services or purchase your product or if they are future clients, continual growth of your client list will mean continual growth of your business.

But where do you find these new people to add to your database?

Keep Your Content and Website Updated

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So few people use the Yellow Pages anymore. If someone needs the services you are offering, it is very unlikely that they will turn to a telephone book. They will instead search the internet for businesses who can solve their problems. It is important to keep your website updated and to regularly produce new content. If a potential client visits your site and finds that nothing new has been uploaded or finds details that are out of date, they are less likely to retain your services. Providing fresh content on your site demonstrates your expertise, shows that you can stay on top of current trends, and makes it clear that you are aware of changes as they are happening.

Ensure that it is easy for potential clients to contact you. Whether you provide a phone number, email address, or simply a form for clients to fill out to get in touch with you, is up to you, just make it easy for potential clients to find. WP Forms is a WordPress plugin that you can easily install if you want to create contact/opt-in forms on your site. Another useful tool worth installing is OptinMonster which you can use to create lead capture forms that enable you to turn visitors into customers.

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Running your own business can be challenging but it is very rewarding. By giving your current clients the best possible customer service whilst also continuously growing your client database is a skill that will serve you and your business well. Find a few ways to grow your database that you are most comfortable with and really dive into them. Getting your name out, maintaining updated and fresh content and website presence, and providing reliable, consistent customer service will ensure steady growth for your client database and your business.

Ask for Referrals

Being comfortable with asking for referrals starts with doing quality work for your clients. Meeting deadlines, managing expectations, and delivering excellent work for your current client base will make it easy for them to refer new clients to you.

But when can you ask for a referral? When you receive good feedback from a client or finish a project for a client, you can wrap up the task and ask if your client knows anyone else who could use the assistance you offer. If you have done excellent work, your client will be happy to share your name with others or give you the names of their friends or contacts who could benefit from your help. As your clients give you referrals, continue your good customer service and send a thank you note to your client and, if appropriate, send a gift or give them a discount on future work.

Divide Your Time

Doing excellent work for your clients can be time-consuming, but do not forget to allocate time each week to be searching for new clients, working on your business, and bettering your systems so that you can easily handle new clients as they come to you. Through the different phases of your business, the balance between working in your business and working on your business will look different – sometimes you will need to focus more on client work, but you can never neglect growing your own business. You may feel at capacity in your business, but what happens if you lose a client or lose a job? Do you have others ready to sign on with you as soon as you have an opening?

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Get out of your office or out from behind your desk. Meet new people and make new connections. You can do networking online or in person, depending on what type of business you run and what kind of clients you serve, but you should always be growing your circle of influence.

Even if it appears that a person would not be a good fit for your business or would not be an ideal client, keep in mind that you don’t know who else is in their circle. Put your best foot forward and represent your business well. You never know who you will be introduced to or getting to know further.

Promote Your Business Online

Especially when you are starting your business, it can be hard to get the first few customers. But do your friends and family know about the business that you’ve started? They will be the ones who know and trust you and will be able to speak highly of you and your work even though you haven’t had many clients yet. Share your business. Have a presence on social media and keep your presence fresh and current. Claim your business on Google. Make it easy for people to find you, your business, how best to contact you, and make it easy for your happy customers to leave reviews.

Getting more clients should always be at the top of your priority list as a business owner. If you want to increase profits, you need more customers. If you want more customers, following the 5 tips mentioned above will help guide you in the right direction.

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