Who doesn’t like more traffic? If you are stuck in traffic that’s the last thing you want but I am talking about the other kind of traffic; one that all bloggers and website owners crave for. One that makes you smile, makes you happy and maybe even a tiny bit proud.

So how to get more traffic? SEO and organic traffic is one way of course but what about 40 other explosive tactics that can light your website on fire, I mean red hot, not literally on fire. Here are the tactics to increase website traffic from the pros:

You can download this Infographic and use it in your site as long as you give credit to us with a link-back.



Rand Fishkin’s Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin Moz

Rand stands for ‘R’esearch ‘AN’d ‘D’evelopment in SEO at Moz

1. Target Audience who may share your Content

Some people love eye catching images, some love Infographics and some love videos. Find out what your target audience like and give it to them. If you have done your research right then you may have lit a bonfire.

2. Communicate with your Audience via Social Media, Forums and BlogsSocial-media-infographic-image

I love responding to people’s questions. It makes me think and gives me ideas to write. Forums can give you hot topics or debatable topic ideas. Hang out where your target audiences are hanging out, if they are using a particular social media site then that’s where you should spend most of your time. Look at Google Analytics for these insights.

3. Produce SEO Friendly Content

Keep SEO in mind when creating content. Start by doing your keyword research and including your keyword in the page title and heading. Use the keyword in the first paragraph and then write naturally.

Tip: Use synonyms in the article where possible. For example if you are writing about financial freedom then use financial independence in the body of the article a couple of times.

4. Analyse your Traffic Sources

Find out where you are getting the majority of traffic from. You can use Google Analytics for this or even a plugin like JetPack which can display stats in your WordPress dashboard. Focus on strengthening your presence in places which are giving you good traffic. I was surprised to see I get a reasonable amount of traffic from StumbleUpon. I have recently added a share via StumbleUpon button to all my posts and also bookmark my articles in StumbleUpon.

5. Use Custom Images to get links back to you

We are not talking about expensive custom images Content-is-king-imagehere; these could be home made. The beauty of creating custom images is that they are unique and if people like it, they will share it. People may even use it in their site and link back to you as the source. See SuccessfulBlogging.com and you would know what I am talking about. You can also use graphs and illustrations to achieve the same results.

6. Use Keyword Research to your Advantage

When you have an idea for a post, do some research to find a keyword that matches your idea. This way you can get targeted traffic. Similarly, you can also start with keyword research if you are not sure what to write about.

7. Use Internal Linking to Promote Your Posts

When someone finds one of your posts from the various sources, you want to keep them on your site as long as possible. Keep them interested by internally linking and promoting relevant articles.

8. Use Social Sharing Communities like StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Reddit

Most new bloggers when starting out focus on the established social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If your content is of good quality then sites like StumbleUpon and Pinterest can spread them like wild fire. Tyrion and the wildfire anyone?

9. Incorporate Great Website Design

First impressions count, especially in the online business. If your website theme and design is outdated or sucks then your content will be hitting the brick wall. There is no mood killer like a 90’s web design.Web-design-image

10. Grab Competitor Links

Reverse engineer links your competitor has. If they have a link from an online directory so can you. If they have a link from a guest post, you can try that too.


Neil Patel’s Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Neil Patel
Neil Patel QuickSprout

SEO expert, Infographic genius and traffic magnet from QuickSprout

11. Quantity of Content Matters

Neil has experimented with the quantity of content that he releases on a weekly basis at KissMetrics. He went from publishing 2 posts a week to 5 posts a week and noticed a significant increase in traffic.  More posts equal more potential viewers and potential for more targeted keywords.

12. Increase Traffic with InfographicsSEO-tips-by-Neil-Patel,-Brian-Dean-and-Rand-Fishkin-Infographic-Image

KissMetrics used this strategy with 47 Infographics in 2 years and generated 2.5million viewers and 40,000+ backlinks. That’s massive; the power of InfoG.

13. Headline Should be Written for People and Search Engines

Have Keywords and buzz words to satisfy search engines and people. If you simply have only the keyword it may not be appealing to a viewer. Similarly, if you only target buzz words you will not get steady organic traffic. This strategy is not a quick win but will pay dividends over time.

14. Target Trending Topics

Cover current topics like Google updates as an example as long as it is relevant to your niche and audience; otherwise the new traffic will disappear when the trend is over.

15. Write Like You Talk

Use conversational tone when you write to connect with your audience. Use small paragraphs and simple to understand language. Ask questions from your readers and answer them via comments.

16. Build Your Mailing List

Email subscribers are one of the largest sources of traffic; better yet it is recurring traffic. These loyal visitors are more likely to comment and share your posts. Loyalty works both ways so do take care.

17. Use Content Marketing Wisely

Regardless of how good your content is, if you have no content marketing plan or approach then hardly anyone will read or share your content. Don’t just drop your content on to social media; it is called social media for a reason.Content marketing

18. Create a Social Media Presence

This takes time and effort. Building a presence in social media could take up to 6 months, so be patient. Learn how to attract more followers and experiment what works. For example what times get the most engagement, which days of the week is best to publish new posts and so on.

19. Team Up and Shoot For The Goal

One of the best ways to get noticed and generate Team-work-and-goaltraffic is to team up with someone or a group of people to achieve something big. The bigger the crowd, the louder the noise. Don’t expect everyone you approach to say yes; even if 10% say yes then it’s good enough. There are plenty of ways you could collaborate, so be creative.

20. Use Story Telling

Don’t just publish articles; tell a story. Anyone can provide content but not everyone can tell an engaging story that can connect with the viewers. Use images to better illustrate your story. If you are telling one story and the image is portraying another story, then you are not in sync.


Corbett Barr’s Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Corbett Barr
Corbett Barr Fizzle

Think Traffic, think Corbett Bar. “SEO basics take an hour to learn and a lifetime to master” – Corbett Barr.

21. Be Brave and Write About Something Nobody Else is

If you want to stand out in the ever so populated online community, either present content differently or provide unique content. One way of creating unique content is to write about something no one else is writing. If no one else is writing a particular topic it either means you have hit the jackpot or there is no interest for that topic. So be brave do your research and have a go.

22. Create Different Formats of Your Content Like Presentation Slides

Creating content on your blog and dropping it in Slides-imageFacebook and Twitter alone is not going to give you explosive traffic. You have to create various content formats so you can market them in various channels. For example Infographics can be shared in Infographic directories and Slides can be shared in Slideshare.net and so on. These channels can bring in some new traffic. Think about YouTube and the amount of videos that are consumed on a daily basis.

23. Conduct an Interview with Someone Exciting

If you can’t get an interview with an expert, why not find someone upcoming and exciting? This will bring in new marketing channels and new traffic. The upcoming personality will most likely do their own PR so more bang for buck for you and you can learn a thing or two.

24. Do Guest Blogging

This is self-explanatory, how many experts have said this? Guest blogging in an authority site is one of the best traffic driving techniques; it is also quite possibly the most time consuming.

25. Create Premium Content only for Subscribers

No one will sign up to your mailing list unless you give them something more. I didn’t want to be one more person on the Internet giving away a free eBook so I started creating premium content like PDF versions of the Infographics so people can print and use it as a checklist. I also provide bonus tips that are not published on the posts.

26. Provide Social Proof – As Featured OnPromote-Your-Business-Online-image

People don’t care what you have to say unless you have authority, but for someone starting new how do you create authority? Create a WOW content and invite experts to comment and share via social media. If they like your content they will share it and you could use this as your credibility.

27. Improve Site Speed

Speed matters and regardless of how much traffic you bring in, you will not retain the traffic if your site is slow. You can look at this Infographic for some tips on how to improve your site performance.

28. Borrow Something That Works

You don’t have to be always creating something unique to get traffic. People borrow good Infographics all the time to build traffic. All you have to do is market it efficiently to build traffic.

29. Launch a Product or Service

Launching a product or service takes a good marketing effort and if done correctly can bring extra traffic.

30. Link Out to the Best Content

Don’t be scared to link out to the best content. Write your point of view and show the readers where they can find additional information. As a rule of thumb, I only point readers to the best content that has helped me.


Ana Hoffman’s Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Ana Hoffman
Ana Hoffman TrafficGenerationCafe

You probably know which café serves the best latte in town, but do you know which café can get you a latte and some traffic – TrafficGenerationCafe of course. Oh and they do serve skinny.

31. Touch on a Controversial Subject and Close Comments

When you write on controversial topics, people always want to say something. If you close the comments, it makes it even more controversial. This can create a buzz in your social media profiles and bring some additional traffic.

32. Use Sport Related Reference in Your Articlessport-reference-image

Viewers can always connect well with sports, so using references to sport can get your viewership high. If you connect with your audience there is a better chance they will share your post. Be careful as to which sport you are referencing to, as the last thing you want is someone to ask “What is that? Is that a sport?” I use popular TV serials and classic movies for the same purpose.

33. Write Only About a Certain Topic for a Week

When writing about one topic for a week you can build up recurring traffic that gives you a better chance of connecting with returning audience. You can try to turn your recurring audience into subscribers and hopefully loyal followers. This can lead to more interaction in your blog, social media and can lead to increased traffic.

34. Create a List of 101 People, Blogs, Topics in your Niche

Lists are awesome. The higher the list count the more marketing potential it has. More people or blogs mean more social sharing and more eyeballs to your site. Make sure your list is of quality.

35. Write a Series of Articles

What about writing a 3 series post or even 5 series. Dive into a topic with detail; camp and dig everything out of the topic. Market the posts wisely and you will see an increase in traffic.

36. Create a Widget or Plugin

Create something useful and give it away for free. You will get hordes of traffic to your site.

37. Use Story Telling Through Images

Try telling a story through images. Use less text and provide a unique experience. Images get more shares than a text article. Imagine the number of pins and tweets…

38. Target Un-monetized, high Volume Searches

Most people target commercial keywords but what about informational keywords that have high number of searches. All you want is traffic to start with, so why not just get that?

39. Try Reader Guest Post on Your Blog

This is taking creativity, fun and guest blogging to guest-post-imagethe next level. You can ask a reader to guest blog for you or ask for a volunteer. You can ask them to produce a draft; review it for writing style and suitability.

40. Write an Article About a Scam

Everyone likes to read about a scam, so why not give it to them?



“An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.” – Lao Tzu.

Do you like to be a dozing ox or a moving ant? Take action and create traffic; don’t wait for it to come to you.

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