I am sure you would have heard about the skyscraper technique by Brian Dean. This technique says you find a topic that has done well in social media then you build it bigger and better. Let’s say for example, 40 blogging tips have done well and you can create 50 blogging tips using this technique to stand out.

One slight problem with this technique is, it doesn’t always work. It depends on the original content you are competing with.25-Blogging-Ideas-Infographic-image

Kristi Hines has created 25 awesome blog post ideas which is a truly epic post. One can certainly produce a bigger list of blog post ideas say 35 as an example and beat Kristi by quantity but it is truly hard to build a better tower (skyscraper) from a quality perspective than what Kristi has done.

This infographic was produced with permission from Kristi so people can easily share, print and pin. Kristi’s post is much more detailed if you need it and here is a quick visual recap.

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Relevant Links for Blog Post Ideas from the Infographic


1 – Using Headings from Other Blogs in your Industry using RSS and AllTop (Free to use)

2 – Top Headlines using Popurl (Free to use)

3 – Google Adwords Keyword Planner Ideas (Free to use)

4 – Try Ubersuggest for Some Blog Post Ideas (Free to use)

5 – Search Terms Your Website Visitors Use to Find Your Site Using HitTail (Paid Tool)

Tip: Bloggers can get 1 year of free access to HitTail if your blog is approved to publish a review of HitTail.

6 – Use a Blog Topic Generator or Headline Analyzer (Free to use)

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator & CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

7 – Guest Posts Published by Competitors Using MonitorBacklinks (Paid Tool with 1 Month Free Trial)

8 – Traffic Generating Content using SEMrush (Paid Tool with Trial)

9 – Popular Content in Social Media with BuzzSumo (Free and Paid Components based on Features)

10 – Content with Most Comments and Links with Impactana (Free to use)

11 – Ideas from Blog Comments (Free to use)

12 – Questions from Quora, Yahoo and Reddit (Free to use)

13 – Questions Submitted to Industry Experts during AMAs [Ask Me Anything] – Use Google or Inbound (Free to use)

14 – Questions from Related Forums – Use Google (Free to use)

15 – Questions from Social Media Groups – Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ groups. (Free to use)

16 – FAQ pages in your Niche or Industry – Use Google, Bing or Yahoo, whatever you fancy. (Free to use)

17 – Popular Podcasts on iTunes (Free to use)

18 – Popular YouTube Videos (Free to use)

19 – Awesome SlideShare Presentations (Free to use)

20 – Popular Magazine Headings in your Niche (Free & Paid)

21 – Best Selling Book Chapters from Amazon (Free & Paid)

22 – Questions from Customers

23 – Ask Your Email Subscribers

24 – Ideas from Website Visitors using Qualaroo (Paid Tool with Trial)

25 – Ideas from Social Media Fans and Followers


Wrapping it up

Content creation is the front end of the car and content marketing is the back-end. You need some oil for the engine and fuel to run the car. Oil and fuel are like SEO and social media for a website or blog. This post gives you direction, steering wheel and where you go is up to you. Drive and blog safely; don’t do both at the same time 😉

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