21 Simple Ways to Create the Best Viral Content [Infographic]

Admit it!

All bloggers and content marketers dream of creating epic content.

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Content that spreads like wildfire in social media or any online marketing avenue for that matter is not a dream.

We know most big names do it!

We wish we knew what the secret ingredients are.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find the components of a viral post with research-backed data?

Well, that’s exactly what Brian Dean did with this infographic.

Infographic source: Backlinko.com

1 – Use Numbers in Your Title

Titles with numbers generate 36% more clicks.

List posts are one of the best post types as people like quick lists. What better way to get attention than to provide a list of actionable tips, resources or tools?

Titles with numbers generate 36% more clicks.

Odd numbers perform slightly better than even numbers and have a click through rate [CTR] of 20%.

“Numbers get more clicks” – Brian Dean, Backlinko.com


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2 – Use Brackets [where Appropriate]

Headlines with brackets have an increase in click through rate by 38%.

You can use the bracket to describe the content type for example – [eBook], [Video], [Case Study] or [Infographic].

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3 – Use Short URL’s

Short URL’s have 2.5 times higher chance of attracting a click.

I will admit it, I am guilty of not following this and time to make a change. It is never too late!

A short URL:

A not so short URL:

4 – The URL Should be Descriptive

Using short URL’s does not mean you use non-descriptive URL’s. In fact, your URL should be descriptive. A descriptive URL is readable to both humans and search engine bots.

A descriptive URL:

A non-descriptive URL:

5 – Have a Colourful Image before the Users have to Scroll

Content with images is viewed 94% more on social media compared to those without.

Colourful images grab attention; they also make the page look attractive. Images can improve readability.

colourful-image-above -the-fold

6 – Put Social Share Buttons at the Top of the Page

Elements on a page above the fold are viewed by 63% more viewers.

Using social share buttons that scroll along the page is even better.

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  • They are always visible and a constant reminder for the reader to share.
  • Users don’t have to scroll up or down to find them.
  • They are easy and convenient to use.

7 – Start with Short Sentences

Short sentences increase readability by 58%.

Quick, the reader is going to hit the back button


Switch to another tab.

You need to grab the reader’s attention upfront.


Use short sentences.

Guilty as charged -> change of tactic required.

8 – Use Images to Build Credibility

Content with images can build credibility. You can use any image.

An image of a statistic or screenshot or even just a simple image that is relatable will do the job.


9 – Make Text Scannable

Scannable content increases readability by 47%.

Short sentences, short paragraphs, subheadings, numbered lists and bullet points make the text more readable.


10 – Provide Practical Content

Your content should be actionable and useful.

In theory, every tip is great.

Why is yours great?

What is the proof?

Instead of just saying – “do this” try to provide details on how to do it.

Instead of just saying use StumbleUpon to drive traffic, I produced an infographic that shows how to use StumbleUpon.


11 – Use Professional Images

Did you know Facebook posts with professional images get 121% more shares?

Everyone knows content quality matters; image quality matters too.

Helpful Guide:
Finding free professional images is not easy and we have put together a visual guide to finding free images.


13 – Create Infographics

Infographics have 2.3 times higher share rate in social media than how-to posts.

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Infographics make a great viral post. Of course the content and design have to come together.

Make sure the story stands out in the infographic and not the statistics.

If you are worried about the cost of creating an infographic check out our service, we offer simple infographics at an affordable price.

14 – More Images = More Shares

Content with at least one image received 94% more views in social media.

Content with one image has, at least, one reason to be shared. So why stop there?

Provide more images so there are more chances of being shared and viewed in social media.

15 – Include Influencers

This could be an example of how an influencer achieved a result, a statistic or a quote.

Including an influencer alone can make or break a piece of content going viral.

When including an influencer, make sure it is relevant to the content and not a pure marketing tactic. The honest truth is, not all influencers will take note of you or their inclusion. Don’t be disappointed, if they respond, think of it as a bonus. At the least you will create a list of influencers who do respond.

16 – Include a Personalised Call to Action – Ask for Social Share

A CTA-specific to a post has 42% better performance than a generic one.



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17 – Produce Long Form Content

Long-form content has a better chance of going viral; in fact, they have 76.8% better chance of going viral.

Aim for posts over 1,500 words.

Longer content has a better chance of ranking in the first page in Google; they also attract the most social media attention.


18 – Include a Featured Image

Always include a featured image and depending on the plugins you use the featured image can be displayed in social media. I use Yoast SEO plugin (WordPress) for many reasons and this is definitely one.


19 – SEO Tag Copy = Adwords Ad

Search for your topic in Google and see the ads that come up. Create your SEO title and description similar to those ads. This trick is to maximise clicks on search engine results.

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20 – Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

Tweets with hashtags have a 55% better chance of being retweeted.

Are you using hashtags to amplify your content reach in social media?

Hashtags are not just used in Twitter but also on Facebook and Google+

Helpful Guide:

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21 – Best Publishing Time 8 am to 12 pm

27% of all social shares take place between 8 am and 12 pm US Eastern time.


Last but not least is managing your expectation about creating epic content. Every post you produce is not going to be viral but you can work towards creating one or two viral posts. From there who knows, your blogging or content marketing may take a different path. Be patient and consistent with your content. Here’s to your next viral post!

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