20 Social Media Hacks that are Borderline Genius Infographic

Social media for your personal use is simple but when it comes to a blog or brand it is a science. Here are 20 Social Media Hacks that can boost your outreach.

You can download this Infographic and use it in your site as long as you give credit to us with a link-back.

Social Media Hack

Social Media Hacks

1. The Date and Time You Publish Your Post Matters

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Best day to Tweet: Midweek

Best time to get retweets: 5pm

Best time to get click throughs: 6pm

Best Tweeting Frequency: 1 to 4 tweets an hour


Best day to share: Saturday

Best time to share: Noon

2. Consider Where to Publish Your Post – Your Site or a Guest Post

If it is an awesome content then a guest post in an authority site will give you better reach. The authority site will have more viewers and so on.

If your WOW content is an Infographic then you publish it in your site first then guest post it. Here is an example:

My Infographic 40 Traffic Generation Tips got about 282 social shares on this site.

The same post got around 429 shares in BloggingTips.com and that is an increase of 52% more reach. I don’t have the stats on number of views but I am sure BloggingTips.com being a page rank 5 site with about 100,000 unique visitors a day would have kicked a*s.

3. Collect Email Addresses

“You shouldn’t publish content unless you are collecting emails” – Neil Patel. Email subscribers are the best source of recurring traffic. Twitter followers don’t always read your tweets as there are so many tweets and distractions. Emails are more personal and get more attention. Encourage your email subscribers to socially share your content.

4. Provide an Awesome Opt-in Offer

People don’t leave their email address unless there is value in it. The most commonly used opt-in offers are eBooks and PDFs, but your imagination could be the limiting factor here. You can even provide premium or VIP content. Whatever you provide has to act as a lead magnet. More subscribers will give you more social reach.

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5. Consider Using Scrolling Social Share Buttons


Make social sharing easy and accessible at all times. Use scrolling social share buttons that doesn’t make viewers scroll up or down the page to find the buttons. The scrolling buttons are easy to use and visible at all times.

6. Have a List of Social Profiles that You are Going to Reach Out to

It is important to reach out to various people for each post. Create a list of social profiles that you are going to reach out to that are relevant to the topic.

7. Definitely Use Hashtags #

Have you been using hashtags in your tweets and other social media platforms?

Using hashtags across all social networks can get you more traffic – in many cases twice the amount of traffic — compared to not using any hashtags.

I now use hashtags like ‘#blogging’ and ‘#infographics’. These hashtags are essentially a place where you can find a collection of information on that topic.

Note: Use a maximum of 2 hashtags per tweet. You can also use hashtags in other social media networks and not just twitter.

8. Mention Your Expert References When Sharing

If you used an expert’s material as a reference then include their social media profile when sharing. There is a better chance that the expert will share your content if it is of good quality. You can also get more retweets by including authority figures on your tweets.

9. Use LinkedIn to Connect with Authority Figures

Find authority figures on LinkedIn and connect with them. According to Neil Patel this is a simple tactic that can increase social shares.

10. Create Multiple Formats of Your Content

Convert your content into a video and upload it to YouTube or create slides and upload it to SlideShare.net. These sources can bring in additional traffic and sharing.

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11. Share Your Content More than Once

I am guilty as charged here, better get on with it then…

Tweet your content at least 2 to 3 times. Followers don’t always catch your updates the 1st time around. Did you know Zac Johnson has 20 tweet updates per day and some tweets are on rotation?

12. Use Pictures in Your Tweet

Adding pictures to your tweets will increase your click-through rate by 108%.

Not all tweets are created equally. Tweets with images stand out and all the text tweets look the same. Tweets with images get more clicks and retweets.

13. Have a Time Delay Between Social Media Updates

If you bombard social media then sooner or later you will be ignored or muted. Space out your updates and don’t share them all at once. The ideal posting frequency also varies between each social media platform.

  • Twitter: Once per hour
  • Facebook: Once a day or once every two days
  • LinkedIn: Once a day

14. Share Only Awesome Content Not Just Anything

If you share any mediocre content people may assume all your content is mediocre so be careful what you share. Only share awesome content that are time worthy and share worthy.

15. Follow the 80/20 Rule

OK, I did not know about this rule either. According to the 80/20 rule you should be sharing your content only 20% of the time and should be sharing quality stuff from others 80% of the time. You don’t want to be all about self-promotion and sharing others content will hopefully give you some brownie points.

16. Put Links Close to the Top of the Post

Traditionally, people put the links at the bottom of the social update but according to Neil Patel you get better click through rates if you put the links near the top; around the quarter mark.

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17. If You Don’t Have a Picture then Don’t Post on Facebook

Like Twitter, Facebook users love pictures as they make the post stand out. Pictures get more comments, likes and click-throughs.

18. Share When Followers and Fans are Online

Use a free tool like Simply Measured to connect your social media profiles to see when your followers are online and most active. This gives you a better chance of retweets, click throughs and likes. When users are online it is easier to get their attention as when they are offline the number of social media updates pile up and your update might end up at the bottom of the pile.

19. Get to the Point; Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Keep your updates to the point and short. There are millions of tweets and updates every day and you want your updates to be short and punchy.

Everyone knows Twitter restricts you to 140 characters but did you know the ideal character count for other social media platforms?

  • Facebook: 40 characters
  • Google+: 60 characters

20. Put Some Thought Behind the Words You Choose When Sharing

20  Most  ReTweetable  Words  and  Phrases  for  Twitter

1. You6. Blog11. Please Retweet16. How To
2. Twitter7. Social12. Great17. Top
3. Please8. Free13. Social Media18. Blog Post
4. Retweet9. Media14. Ten19. Check Out
5. Post10. Help15. Follow20. New Blog Post

17 Most Shareable Words for Facebook

1. Obama5.Apple9. Says13. How
2. First6. You10. Big14. World
3. Top7. Video11. Bill15. Most
4. Media8. Best12. Health16. Why
17. Facebook


You may not be using all of these tips and tricks; but the more you use the better the results. Growing your social media presence takes time but you can get quick wins by trying to increase the click through rate by adding buzz words to your heading and looking at the best day and time to post your content etc.

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